Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gospel Sunday March 28 Marvin Gaye, Al Green ,and Vickie Winnan

My Savior watches over me despite the troubles in this world.I know that since Jesus is my portion,I have no fear. Consider the sparrow.

I know Jesus is coming back because he said he would and I want to be ready!

People Get Ready ....

When HE takes me to heaven ,I will PRAISE HIM and rejoice on how I got over !

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vonda's Vault Box : Jam Session 8

I remember back in the day before Ipods you "rocked the box" with the biggest and loudest radio .I did that in my neighborhood ,and in high school. Sometimes my radio was confiscated by the teachers because it was so loud!You had to have the box and if you didn't have one find a friend that had one.For those of you , younger than 30,the box was was the radio.You had to jam it,and play it loud!

There was one song that back in the day, you had to play .When you hit the box it was AUTOMATIC.I can't see ,I need my Flashlight!

I Feel you,out wanting to hearing some Frankie Beverly!
From Naw Awlins to you !

AC from Cleveland wants to take us higher with George Clinton and Larry Graham!

You gotta get up "Early in the Morning" to catch the latest from Vonda's Vault Box .

In Dallas Boys II Men will be performing for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. this evening! We must say our farewells,its time for a sound check!
We will see you next week at Vonda's Vault Box with more old skool music!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gospel Sunday March 21 : The Beginnings of Gospel

The beginnings of Gospel music were taught to me in Professor Eric Moye's class at SMU.The guest speaker was the Rev. Zan Holmes ,pastor of St.Luke United Methodist Church. I still remember the lesson ,the gospel songs were more that entreaties to the Almighty ,they were also messages to to the earthbound.

Often times when the enslaved African Americans sung spirituals it was their version of the internet.A way to communicate in oral form the news of who was sold, who escaped slavery,and the overall misery of their situation.

"Swing Low Sweet Charriot",has double meaning. The meaning to some especially the enslaved was that it was time to prepare a escape.To the enslavers it was the slaves were singing because they were happy.It was not about happiness,it was about communication. Today we wait for the Lord to take us home to be with him in Glory.

"The Troubles of the World" sometimes can get you down.
However God can and will always lift you up.

"I Don't Feel No Ways Tired ",I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me.

It is a blessing to see youth come to Christ,as they sing with a youthful joy.
The Mississippi Childrens Choir sings with that joy.

Amen lets go to church.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

John Edwards mistress says " I love me some him "

Former Senator John Edwards political career absolutely is SO over. The media and political consultant portrayal as the loyal husband did not square away with John Edward 's affairs .The sad case is that his wife is battling cancer , clearly this does not endear him to women and evangelicals.His support with those groups was always superficial at best ,based on good looks and a southern accent.

Senator Edwards went from those promising moments to having dalliances with Rielle Hunter.In this clip she talks about her passion - not John Edwards,she likes yoga .Was this the 60 minutes show ,no it was a game show!

Denial of paternity,hush money ,and creating a elaborate scheme to hide his second family.When finally found out he had to admit paternity.

In these days of televised confessions and denials what IF Maury Povich had his famous idiotic DNA tests? Yes,folks It could have gotten worse,it could have been like this ....

John Edwards problems now lie in court,not in the political arena fighting for the causes of the working class.Edwards is being investigated by the grand jury regarding whether his campaign and supporters paid hush money to Hunter. Meanwhile his former aide Andrew Young was threatened with jail for contempt of court regarding the Edwards sex tape.Perhaps if John Edwards has to testify it will be like this....

Rielle Hunter said this week in GQ magazine ,that despite it all she loves Johnny. She still "loves me some him ".In the magazine spread,she indicated that she was not a homewrecker,the marriage was already broken.
"Most of his mistakes or errors in judgment were because of his fear of the wrath of Elizabeth,” she says.

The Edwards story has many miles to go before this is put to bed.

Vonda's Vault Box: Jam Session 7

Hey Funksters, I got the feeling that I need to get some payback this Saturday Morning! Let's get it with the Godfather of Soul!

Back down memory lane to my high school days at Carter High listening to some Chaka Khan! Vonda always has Chaka at the top of our view list !

I love putting these tracks together to give you the funkology of music.It's a "Computer Love"!

For those who like duets here is Alexander O"Neal and Cherelle !
Its always a "Saturday Love" here @edgray4america !

We have to go,"That's the Way of the World" but we will back next Saturday !
A special shout out Katherine who believes that EWF is one of the greatest bands of the old skool era!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Massa In Congress Tickles His Fancy

The United States House of Representatives is full of distinguished gentlemen and gentlewomen.Earlier this year on the Ed Show,Eric Massa was portrayed a a tough Congressman on a mission.His military background made him a natural to challenge Vice President Dick Cheyney on the national security issue.

Eric Massa has admitted to sexually harassing his interns.Tickling grown men
well never mind.

Explaining his actions and the situation in a series of bizarre ramblings. Obviously this guy did not listen to his consultants.Massa then went on a televised public relation campaign that left Glen Beck frustrated.

Then he accused the president's chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel of naked aggression.

Well we don't have Massa in Congress,and thats a good thing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Gospel March 13 ; Thomas Dorsey and Precious Lord

The Lord has blessed us once more to be together again. The Father of Gospel music is known to be Thomas Dorsey.Thomas Dorsey originally performed blues songs with the legendary Ma Rainey.Dorsey was criticized by many for his blues past,he was raised in a religious home,his father was a Baptist preacher and his mother was the organist.He left that background to record over 400 songs in the blues and jazz genre.Through the pain of losing his child and wife in chldbirth he wrote the gospel standard "Precious Lord".He never looked back again to the secular past, and focused on gospel.Today and each Sunday we hear his gospel song "Precious Lord" in churches.I like the quote from Professor Dorsey "I"ve been thrown out of some of the best churches in America".Professor Dorsey in his own words:

In times of great despair you will always hear the cry "Precious Lord Take My Hand".

From back in the day to the present day,the song brings tears and closeness to God. The late Great Mahalia Jackson sings "Precious Lord".

The present and the future will always belong to my "Precious Lord" .
Kelly Price sings acapella to tell the story of "Precious Lord " leading us on.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama pulls a Joe Clark :Education and Obama at odds

The public education community and President Obama are at odds .Several years ago I ran for Arlington School Board Trustee.I lost my election because there was a block of votes I counted on getting , I did not get them .It was the votes of the teachers.Being that I was not a teacher ,but I was a union man ,I assumed that the teachers who joined the teachers union would support me.I was a viable candidate with years of experience volunteering in the community in the education field,and they supported the AISD hand picked candidate. Well that"s politics.

This week in politics President Obama along with his Education Secretary Arne Duncan supported the firing of 93 staff members and teachers in Rhode Island Central Falls High School.The unions in my case withheld support because they desired favor with the school district, now it remains to be determined whether the unions will continue to support President Obama.

The teachers unions: American Federation of Teachers 1.4 million dues paying members,and National Education Association 3.2 million members have been solidly in the Democratic camp for years.Union's primary concern start with the protection of the employment of teachers. Their primary concern is not with education ,it is with tenured employment.

Often times when concerned parents wish to discuss their child's education, the parents are placed in defensive positions.Therefore all sides attend parent-teacher conferences in their own world.Our American school systems are behind Lithuania in student performance.60 percent of black students do not graduate from schools. America,in order for us to compete on the world stage and not lag behind the Lithuania's of the world, we will need to restructure our American school systems.Think.It does not matter whether you are thinking outside the box or inside the box, above all Think!

The teachers unions will have to seriously think about education and children first.Teachers need to teach because they can't help it,instead of the "I got mine,you gotta get yours" mentality.Parents need to teach at home because that's where life's lessons begins.Together we all have a state in this,second rate is no rate.Obama and his Administration have now fashioned themselves as a latter day Joe Clark,lets see if it works .

Vonda's Vault Box : Jam Session 6

We are back again for another weekend of funk n roll.Vonda is telling me to crank out the hits! Some of my readers are a little cultural challenged.So to help them lets give them a basic funk lesson.Funk starts with a bass ,and you got to thump it.

Now if you feel it,it goes something like this .....

You can't fake the funk ,either you have it or not.
Funk does not discriminate even women can funk !

You combine a funky beat with dance moves and you get this -its Dangerous !

Last but not least-you got to be able to sing.
I LIKE this type of funk n roll,see us next week.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Gospel March 7: Al Green & Stevie Wonder

Photo courtesy of Preston Lauterbach of the "Memphis Sound" Blog .

Reverend Al Green testifies about the Lord Making Away.Let's journey back to 1988 and sit in the pew of Reverend Al's church at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis Tennessee.

The Sunday Morning Gospel feature has its praise on! Stevie Wonder and the Williams Brothers say that their journey brings them to close to heaven to turn around.

Until we see each other next week,May God Bless!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vonda's Vault Box: Jam Session 5

Vonda's Vault box is "Stretchin Out "across the nation with the Funk!
Bootsy's Rubber Band with a cameo solo by David Sanborn.


With Every Little Step we bring to you the best songs from back in the day .....

Slow it Down ,slow it down , HELLO ITS ME ...

We gave you the funk like you wanted,with a side of the funky horns!

Until the next time,we will see you at Vonda's Vault Box ,the home of your back in the day funk-n-roll.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jazzy Friday 's @ Terilli"s Gone But Not Forgotten

As a young student at SMU,I fancied myself as a smart man with impeccable taste. That taste expanded from education to food,music,and the arts.It was at Terilli's that I found all the three.This week that fine educational emporium of good taste burned down.It was like a part of my youth was extinguished with the fire that consumed Terilli's.

Terilli's will come back and we will see you back at your favorite table.
It can not come back not a day to soon.