Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where Did Our Mustaches Go !

In my teen years I couldn't wait to grow a mustache. The mustache meant that I was grown,it gave my entree into a world where men and their mustaches never parted .In the black culture most men have mustaches .Up until President Obama, I can't think of any prominent black person that didn't have a mustache. Ok,I will give you O.J.

I have had my mustache since I was sixteen and I enjoyed it.I guess I was trying to look older.I finally shaved it off after 30 years, because I was older.I guess now,I am trying to look younger.Now there is a lot of men that are also shaving off their mustaches.The other day while watching basketball,I noticed that Kurt Rambis formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers has shaved his off.

Well I hope he is trying to look younger. I thank we both are looking to slow down the hands of time , but time keeps marching on.