Friday, December 2, 2011

Herman ' BIG Daddy " Cain Edition

The presidential sweepstakes for 2012 back in stride again . Another week ,another GOP front runner bites the dust. Before we get to the videos. Let's look at the facts , Herman Cain is a smart man . A man with his some ideas that needed to be heard . Pretty simple , but it got your attention didn't it.

I was happy that he was the front runner ,and yeah , you can say it was a black thing if you want too . However look at this way , that day the Democratic president was black , the GOP front runner was black. Ain't America a great good country. Shouldn't America be about ideas and not about race.

I would like to see how he would have fared in a debate against President Obama . Here is a clip of 'The Godfather' Herman Cain versus President Bill Clinton in 1994 .

Herman Cain was getting the job done . Any man that can a balance a family, handle his outside women ,
and balance running a corporation ,certainly can balance the budget.

Okay Okay ... Okay all this drama about Cain and the women , enuff. Cain ain't no different than any other presidential candidate who had their women issues . Bill Clinton , Gary Hart , all of them smooth operators ....
So Herman was a Smooth Operator !

And now we bring you live Herman Big Daddy Cain's announcement regarding his campaign

This video blog was brought to you by Godfather's Pizza !

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