Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vonda"s Vault Box : Black Coffee- NO Sugar ,NO Cream -Big MAN Edition

"Black Coffee,No Sugar No Cream " , heyyyy ! I see ya .
God Bless Heavy D in his life and his works .See my earlier posts on the Big Man ! We are in the vault today ,@ Vonda"s Vault Box honoring one of Hip Hop legends and all the big men who sing and rock it big !.

Big Men can rock the house - Brooklyn in the House along with Mt.Vernon !
I see the MDC singing "Through your hands in the air" !

All the big men come from New York ! If they can sing "Its Never To Much".

But down south, long ago in LA , that's Lower Alabama y'all they raise him big !
From Alabama its Ruben Studdard !

We will see ya next week at the Vault !
RIP Heavy D .....

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