Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MLK Dedication October 16 ,2011

The nation paused to honor greatness not only in a man but for a country .The nation honored not a general ,not a president,not a politician , not WAR ,but a man who stood for freedom.

My mother marched with Dr. King during the March on Washington.

She marched not because it was fashionable .
In fact some black folk encouraged her not to go.
She marched because she was young and hopeful for a better future .

They all looked so young and hopeful that August in 1963.
As they look back in October 2011 for a cause that will never die - Civil Rights.

They did not imagine they would see this .
A black man as president of the United States.

Every Man leaves A legacy through his works. Dr. King leaves a legacy for us all !

We Have some difficult days Ahead , but I wish we had them with you .

God Bless You, Dr. King .....

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