Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jazzy Fridays : All African Connection / Sade ,Jonathan Butler ,Miriam Makeba

Jazzy Fridays back again for another week of your best video blogs in America ! Let's get started with some jazz from the Motherland a throwback from Africa !
From South AFRICA with love ! Jonathan Butler !

For you out there who love jazz as much as I do !
Do you Love me and Jazzy Fridays !

From the shanty town's of Capetown during the days of apartheid to England , to winning Grammys in America , Butler has been a class act . There is nthing like a Jonathan Butler slow jam !

Going to Africa SOON !
Edgray4america is tenatively making plans to travel to Liberia !
But meanwhile let's think of Under African Skies !
Peter Simon and the late great Miriam Makeba!
Makeba another freedom fighter from South Africa !

From down coast in South Africa to the west coast of the continent !
Let's go to Nigeria ! " The Sweetest Taboo " is the music and the charms of Sade !
Born in Nigeria , and raised in London , she is still a stunner in Dallas !

Stunner 4 Sure 1 Sade is 52 YEARS OLD , Check her out !
Cherish the Day - she comes to your town !

CAdestiny from you tube posted this my thanks to them and all the other you tube posts !

We close the set out , same we came in ! And if somebody told that jazz was dead . Tell them it is .....
Lies , Lies !

Until next week when we meet at the corner of jazz and your heart !
See ya real soon !


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