Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jazzy Fridays: George Duke , Brothers Johnson , David Sanborn , Jonathan Butler , and Al Jarreau

Hey we appreciate all the tweets ,instant messages , and calls on our Jazz series. We are 300 hits from our goal for the month of September.So fellow jazz fans send this video blog out to 5 of your friends , do it for an "Old Friend ".

In Grand Prairie , we welcomed Stanley Clarke to our city with the band Return To Forever ! Stanley is a prolific bassist and composer , here he is with George Duke. A favorite collaboration ! You gotta love it !

Gotta go with the Brothers Johnson to the "Land Of Ladies " !
Time to escape ......

Jonathan Butler is crazy about this girl named Sarah !

Our time is up we gotta go !
My partner in crime Casey , says this is the best jazz video blog series ever.
Casey and David Sanborn both say : "I TOLD U SO ".

See ya next week at the club , I will save you a seat by the band


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