Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Night Fights: George Foreman -Joe Frazier

Before George Foreman sold the George Foreman Grill , he was truly a scary man .

The first George Foreman reign he was terror ,none of his fights lasted two rounds. He was Big ,6 foot 4 from Houston Texas. The man pulled jeeps in training up hills.He picked up cows and carried them on his back. He was not a man ,but a Superman !

The baddest man in boxing, the baddest man on the planet.George was Heavyweight champion of the World ! Not the friendly George Foreman of his second reign.

We now take a look at the George Foreman- Joe Frazier Heavyweight Championship ,January 1973 in Kingston Jamaica.The entire fight is seen below with the great Howard Cosell narrating."Down Goes Frazier". Six times Frazier went down!

George that night all boxing pundits agreed was a Superman.
Thanks for looking at edgray4america Tuesday Night Fights brought to you,by what else.The George Foreman Grill!
See ya next week at Ringside !


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