Friday, September 2, 2011

Jazzy Friday: My Ladies Sing The Blues

This Friday's Jazz set is about the ladies. They are incredible , they are beautiful, they are talented .They sing the blues, they sing jazzy, they do it all.
We give you this Friday a jazzy >>> Harlem Blues @ Cynda Williams.

"The Boss" Diana Ross was a Lady who brought millions of new admirers to Billie Holiday's styles of jazz ! A super star from back in the day sings about Lady Day !

The Boss is cold but there was and only will be one Billie Holiday !
Here Billie Holiday sings about the Strange Fruit .....Listen careful. Message.

Before rap delivered Lady Day delivered a strong message !

Down south all things are not always gloomy! Here Stevie Wonder and Queen Latifah sing about "Georgia Rose ". Stevie on harmonica ! Giving assist to the ladies !

Well we slowed down this train to let you get caught up with all the Jazz standards of this past ! Next week the pace will pick up as our conductor for Jazzy Friday's Casey the conductor says we got to take the A train !
With Chaka Khan , and George Duke !

See ya next week, I got a train to catch !


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