Monday, August 29, 2011

Money Madness Monday: Pigs Do Fly -Nations on Borrowed Time

Money Madness Money returns .This time just a brief message on PIGS!
PIGS are the counties of Portugal , Ireland , Greece , and Spain!
The debt ceiling debacle is resolved . The next financial crisis is the failure of these counties or any of the four .

If the Tea Party activists had their way we would have been joining the PIGS! If any of these counties fail , he crisis will be felt on Wall Street.Imagine Italy down the tubes , and Ireland down the tubes , America has a large anmount of its population that descended from these countries.

If these countries fail economically a boomerang that will devastate America and Western Europe.American political pressure from voters who have a genealogical ties to Ireland ,and Greece will see to it that these countries do not fail economically.

Meanwhile the two former colonial powers of Portugal and Spain have seen their best days behind them .These two countries stand on the precipice of disaster.
One bad move can lead to financial meltdown .This meltdown is soul sapping on a sick America economy .

We will have to get busy.Today is the day our economy must turn around .
Lower your debt,stay focused ,and jump back in to the game and buy stocks.
Let's do this !


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