Friday, August 26, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box : Funkin For YA

The Vault is steamy today ! Vonda is throwing out all the cuts because she got it like that way ! She is in the inspiration and I am the perspiration for the best video back in the day blog in the history of man !
"I Just Want To Be " !

tHROWIN dOWN WITH rICK jAMES =============== You and I "
He's Rick James ^^%$^

There is a car parked out side the vault that is double parked next to the lime green Pacer with the red rims ! Someone please move the "Little Red Corvette " !

In the vault" It's nothing but a gangsta party with Amerikas Most Wanted ".If you want an explicit version go to VIP in Vonda's Vault !

As we close down the Vault today ... We pay honor to one legend that never had a time to blossom ... Aaliyah who proved age was nothing but a number ...Legends Die Young . RIP Aaliyah .....

Until the next time we see you walk through the vault !


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