Friday, August 19, 2011

Clutch Decision : Drew Pearson Gets Ring Of Honor

Jerry Jones made a clutch decision today.In his continuing quest to honor all Cowboys who were great contributors to this storied franchise added one more star. He threw to the original.Before we got the Playmaker,we had Mr, Clutch Drew Pearson.

The unheralded Tulsa University flanker was not drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, but came into the league as a free agent.The Dallas Cowboys got one of the best deals of the day.Drew before he became Mr. Clutch was a quarterback at South River High School in New Jersey, where he succeeded Joe Theismann. Drew signed with the Dallas Cowboys where he followed Bob Hayes as the primary go to Dallas Cowboy receiver.

Several weeks ago Drew and myself talked about him possibly being inducted into the Ring Of Honor.Drew ever classy smiled and said ,"We will see" .Well today , Mr.Clutch will be in the Ring Of Honor ,the original clutch performer .Thanks Drew for the memories !

One of the best memories was the "Hail Mary " 1975 Divisional Play Off Game.Let's take a trip back in the way back machine tO 1975 .In the below clip you can see the game in its entirety, or if you want to see the "Hail Mary" catch roll the highlights to the end , Cowboys Win ! Cowboys Win !


Anonymous Vonda said...

It's ABOUT TIME! Love me some DREW!

August 19, 2011 at 1:34 PM  

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