Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box : Its September ! EWF & Usher

Vonda's Vault Box is back in stride again for another September. As it us for us in the vault, its finally cooling off ,but the old joints never cool off. Maurice White and EWF begin today with "September ".

For some of us in the vault ,September brings back bad memories.
Dallas's own Johnnie "The Wailer " Taylor sings "Its September ".

It looks like like the Old Skool men want to croon today !
If you find you along ways from Home " Call Me" !

The young brothers in the old vault , are harmonizing this morning !
Live from the Kliff Klubb , Lol oh naw it's Little Rock's club "Elevations " .

The youngsters in the old vault , got Vonda and the ladies up dancing !
Usher Raymond is doing what he does best in the vault.
"Yeah " ! Rewind the blog ... It's time to go !


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