Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gospel Sunday : Remember 9/11 Still We Rise

On September 11 , Our Nation was attacked .... Our spirit was attacked ....
We have had our doubts , but We must Never Doubt , that God has for us !
God is right there by our side .We have many mountains to climb, many valleys to cross ,We can do it because WE HAVE A GOOD SHEPHERD !

The Twin Towers Went Down , but like a Phoenix ....We RISE !

We Fall Down We get Up !

One of the many moments of September11 occurred on the airplane that went down in Pennyslvania .After finding out what happened to the other planes, the passengers recited the "Lords Prayer" and forced the jet down and away from its intended target , Washington D.C.
Imagine with you the passenger talking to the airport personell , knowing his last ,moments are here . He tells herto do one favor for me .Recite the Lords Prayer with me.

"The Lord is my shepherd ...
After he recited the prayer he said "Let's Roll" .
The plane missed its target ....
He like many others will be resurrected on Judgement Day .
Amen ,


Anonymous Kenneth Ford said...

9/11/2001.... That day; I remember being at work when the news came in of the horrific attack. I stood in awe as the second building plunged to the ground before my very eyes. The emptiness, sadness, and fear for what my eyes had received; I stood there for hours. Unconsciously; all races of people embraced this sadness with like feelings and found comfort with one another; no matter what you looked like. In our country; we still suffer from the ignorance of racism. Today; as I honor, salute, and remember the lives lost in this tragedy; I will remember the beautiful vision of seeing this racist country come together to console one another. I pray God give every man the clear faculties to receive His message in all things. I pray for peace, love and togetherness not only in our country, but all around the world. God bless all of you as we remember the tragedy of 10-years ago

September 11, 2011 at 11:32 AM  

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