Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ali- Foreman : The Rumble in the Jungle

Tuesday Night Fights presents the Rumble in the Jungle !
Undefeated George Foreman takes on the former champion Muhammad Ali.
At this time Foreman was 40-0 with 37 KO'S.
I met the champ , and spokle to him regarding this fight , but tonight we share with you the tale of the "Rumble in the Jungle".

George came in to the fight a heavy favorite . He destroyed the two men who beat Ali in a spectacular way . In four rounds , he defeated two Hall of Famers , knocking them down a total of nine times in scoring two 2nd round Knockouts.
Ali-Norton 2nd round Knockout

With that on his mind Ali went to Africa to battle Big George !

ALI goes into the fight confident , not scared ! Promising to dance he does that !

Exciting First round .... realizing that he could take Georg'e punches Ali decides to do something amazing . He will take his punches and strike back again in response .Thus is born the rope a dope !

10 years after Liston , 7 years after being strippd of his title.
Justice is restored to the Heavyweight championship !
Ali Bomaye !


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