Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box :California West Coast Edition

Vonda's Vault Box this week is back in the vault . Got some folks that want to hear some Pac this morning . Folks say they need some West Coast music . For those of our viewers in the West Coast , get your coffee on ,and lets start this joint !

Too hot in Texas ! Gotta go back to Cali .... Besides our wine collection holds better in the vault in Cali !

The weather is excellent in Cali , gotta admit , our vaulters says it never rains ! We gotta slow it down with our slow mix with Tony ! Tony !Tone !

They party out there in Cali ! The state where you never find the dance floor empty . With bomb beats like this , ya know ! California Dreaming !
It's all Good from Diego to the Bay !

Now we gotta go with some traveling music ---The Jet is on the run -way .
Can Vonda fly a plane ?
I don't think so ,Homey Don"t Play that !
See ya back next week at the Vault !

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