Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gospel Sunday : The Carpenter Edition

Sometimes in life we need to retool and fix our spirit ! When you can't fix it you need a handy man, a carpenter !
Yolanda Adams is one of the best new gospel singers from today's era.scene.Yolanda and the first lady of Gospel Shirley Caesar testi-sing about who can fix a broken life,and broken spirit.

I know a carpenter who can fix it ! HE has the right tools ! No matter what our God given tools , our tools fail in comparison to what the Lord has in store for us when He comes to our lives! Rev. Al Green sings about that carpenter !

When we go through life's tribulations remember that God is preparing us for Glory! Remember the Battle is Not Yours,It's the Lords ".From Shirley Caesar ,to Yolanda Adams ,to Rachell Duppard ! God has shown us that the Battle is not ours !It's the Lord !

We leave you where you picked you up from ! The Texas Gospel Experience ! Kirk Franklin ! For those who have said we went to far ... you can't take my Joy away from me !

Until we see each other next week ,God Willing !
Stay prayed up !

Friday, August 27, 2010

Vonda's Vault Box : The New Jack Special

In the vault we have "nEW jACK Section ".You remember that funky beat from the 80's that made you danced in a dance fever moment. Bust a move with us in Vonda's Vault Box as we are in a New Jack mood. Kick the ballistics G ! New Jack ,Never dies in the vault ! "I Like " here are the sounds of Guy !

Do you want More ! How about my boy, B. Brown "Its My Perrogative" ! Some ask the questions ,you don't know the deal ,I am just a brother trying to make it right! "Every Little Step" of the Way !

This is for William ! " Turned Away" !

Now let's give it up for Jodeci lets slow this turntable down a bit !
I will even cry for you , man thats deep .Only Jodeci can pull that off in Vonda's Vault Box !

Well our time is up ! Me and the crew in the Vault hope to see ya back next week because you are not a 'Fairweather Friend" you have listened to us thru Thick and Thin ! Until next week when see each other again at Vonda's Vault Box where our dreams never die ,because our youth forever lives !

Jazzy Fridays : Mistress of Jazz Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell reminds me of Al Jarreau ! This week we "Welcome You To My Love ! My Love of Music! Every Friday after a long week of working,chill with a wine, and let the music flow. Welcome To My Love ! The Music of My Life - Jazz !

I first heard Rachelle years ago when she burst on the scene.The Pennyslvanian born singer has a incredible octave range with a penchant for a unrelenting soul ! Rachelle turns out the blogosphere with her soulfull jazz set "Nothing Has Ever Felt like This "!

"Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This" blogging about this latest mistress of Jazz !
You gotta love her with Will Downing!I have not heard a jazz collab like this in years! "Nothing Ever"! Sit back with your favorite glass of wine and enjoy!

Thank you for joining us this week! Until we talk again ,we will be looking for the next music set or the political cause to blog about!" Until You Come Back To Me"!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gospel Sunday :Carnell Murrell

Carnell Murrell is a gifted individual that I have known for over 30 years .We were high school classmates at David W. Carter High School in Dallas,Texas.He was gifted then ,in fact we called him "Peabo" after the popular singer at that time Peabo Bryson.I remember talking to him when we were both children and sharing our thoughts on the Lord. We had similar upbringings in our faith,and what I noticed about him was a spirit.A spirit of kindness,a spirit of humility,a God given spirit that was rare for someone his age.
Through the years we lost contact,it is through the magic of social networking and you tube I bring to you his testimony.

Carnell and myself recently shared a conversation about our mothers. A mother's love is only eclipsed by the love of God . "Because of Him" ....

From back in the day.We hear Carnell testi-sing.That's a new word. I will be placing it in wiki-pedia this week.
Carnell and the DFW Mass Choir sing of a " Joy Unspeakable".

Once we realize we can't control, we need to let God be in control ,our lives will be better.
We leave you with a cut from Carnell Murrell and the Lilly Mack Singers "You Are God".Be careful and Be Blessed.We will see you next week if God says the same.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vonda"s Vault Box : Back To School Special

We are Knee Deep in kids here in the vault!Sampling our beats! This week the the kids go to school for sure ! As Rod G. said its Christmas Eve for the parents! Meanwhile in the vault it will always be Knee Deep. George Clinton getting down for the funk of it!

The vault has a wayback machine.Let's take a trip back in time.Remember when the Jackson 5 told us how it was in school! How to get a A ! Here is their cartoon show version of ABC !

Love is in the air ! Now the kids gotta back to school with their "School Boy Crushes". No more summer crushes, now its a "School Boy Crush".

The party is over for the kids in the vault ! New Edition said its deeper than that "If It Isn't Love".

And now a Commercial Break from Coke !

We will be in the vault mixing for next week ! But these kids gotta go ! Frankie get these kids on the "Double Dutch Bus".

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jazzy Fridays : Mistress of Jazz Randy Crawford

This Friday at our Jazzy Fridays session we take on that 'Street Life ", we let the people see what we them to see. Randy Crawford was born in Macon ,Georgia in 1952. She propelled to stardom with the Jazz Crusaders in this set .....

I have been blogging for a little while, but one day "I will Fly Away ".
Follow the night as we move into a jazzy Friday set !

Randy Crawford also sung some of the best reenditions of the classics,in the sun or the rain,like "A Rainy Night in Georgia."

Take this badge off ,because we are "Knocking on Heavens Door" .
A classic for all us to hear once more.
Randy's voice is pure with a unrestrained soulful strut.
She has me rockin on this set...

We bid you a farewell,as we only want to see you laughing in the "Purple Rain".
Until next week when we see you again in the jazz corner.

Monday, August 16, 2010

No Mosque at Ground Zero

Religious freedom is a basic right for all Americans.Muslims have a right to build a mosque. The site of a proposed a mosque at Ground Zero is considered by many to be provocative.There should not be a cultural center built near the site.
To build near this site at this time would inflame passions that would ignite smoldering embers of discontent.

The press reports that a mosque will be built near Ground Zero.In fact it's a cultural center with a mosque,swimming pool,and many other amenities.It is more than a place of worship it is a place where Muslims can worship and enjoy the liberties that all Americans are entitled.

The emotions are rampant because of the 911 Tragedy.Politicians stoke the embers of this sensitive subject for political gain.As President Obama would say "Let me be clear".The Muslims have a right to build on private property.The government as represented by Mayor Bloomberg is correct that the Muslims have a right to build.

From my political experience in zoning,the Muslims can sue NYC for the right to build on private property.If done so the City of New York will pay financially to the Muslim community for their inconvenience.

We the Americans have paid for our inconvenience.The inconvenience of being attacked. My birthplace was one of the cities attacked,I remembered calling anxiously to see if my relatives were safe.They were found safe,but others lost their lives for the inconvenience of being Americans.For that inconvenience we all paid a dear price.

Months from now when in all likelihood the Islamic Cultural Center will be built, we will look back on this day and say the souls of the departed were inconvenienced by our actions of hatred ,intolerance and politics.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gospel Sunday:Goes to the Movies

This week Gospel Sunday goes to the movies ! Movies if taken in context can provide a powerful vehicle to communicate a message.This week the Gospel Sunday blog goes to the movies and seeks the message.
"Let us not grow weary ,in well doing " .Bishop Eddie Long tells us about the manifestation of God in our life . Lift up your head to receive your blessing!

Speak to me Lord !

When God is telling us something we need to listen !We all hope and pray that when we call out to God ,he hears our humble cry!"Pass me Not".

I can hear HIM talking to me , and I can feel HIM touch my soul.I have to make preparations ! I got to get ready to meet the Lord !

No matter what color we are ,no matter what nationality we are .We need to Walk with Jesus ! Until next week let's walk together !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vonda's Jam Session: "Hot In Here" Music Special

In the Vault Box ,it is really hott! Hot ain't the word ,2 hot is the word .I guess you can be cool ,but when its Hot its really Hott !
Whoever decided to put a vault in Texas, must have been crazy. All this vinyl is melting. August is the Hottest month of the year! July ain't gotta thing on August, in fact Stevie tells us ....

Just went to the vault to get my groove on and the only thing cool was Kool and The Gang ! They trying to be smooth ,but they still talking about how it's "tOO hOT".

A music blog without HEATWAVE -can't be complete unless we ride the Grooveline to Funk !

Never 2 Hot 2 get our Funk On !
The Funk when its Hot as a "Firecracker" can't be faked.Mass Production comes to us with "Firecracker".

Working in Vonda's Vault box its too hot ! 2 hot ,I gotta go!
See ya next week when the vault is cooler ! Nelly tell em how ya feel !

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jazzy Fridays : Mistress of Music Chaka Khan

Photo courtesy:Edward Gray Library

The Jazzy Friday set today features the mistress of music collection.Real singers can do more than just one format.Chaka Khan has a gifted voice,the beautiful former lead singer of Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan will take you back in this version of "Funny Valentine".

George Duke of the funkdafied "Dukey Stick" fame joins her in "Taking the A train" to get to Harlem. We don't need to take the A train,but let"s enjoy the trip!

The Dizzy Gillespie and Bird gave us this song ,and the melody still lingers along.Chaka Khan ! Chaka Khan ! A night in Tunisia ,A day In Dallas,it's all the same you are the mistress of Jazz. Herbie Hancock ,no the great Herbie Hancock joins her in "A Night in Tunisia".

You want one more , until we come back to you this week ! Chaka Khan says goodbye on Jazzy Friday's!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gospel Sunday August 8 : Fred Hammond

This week we will struggle with those who to try to destroy us spirtually.They don't have to possess weapons of mass destruction,they can have weapons of simple destruction. These weapons are vile words, deeds,ignorance,disrespect,and disdain. Be advised that "No Weapon" formed against me shall prosper !

This Sunday let the Blessing Begin,Let the Praise Begin! So much to be thankful for,Life,Health,Strength.The Family of Christ is strengthened by the Grace of GOD!

Praise belongs to God for all whom our Blessings belong to ...
Glory! Glory ! We use any means necessary to uplift YOUR NAME! Through music,poetry, sermons,and yes even blogs!

People wonder how I soldier on.I am not afraid, I fear not the valley of death and the unknown.God is with me! Emmanuel!
"I WANT MY DESTINY " .Until next week stay prayed up , and we will see you again if God says the same!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vonda's Vault Box : Jam Session 23

In the vault this week we are celebrating another Saturday of funkiness.I need to get out of this hot Texas heat and get on a beach.With that in mind we going to funk up the blogosphere with some "Funkin for Jamaica".

I am trippin out looking thru the vault with Vonda.We just saw some bad funkiness with some Nard Wright.Vonda's vault box is open for bizness 4 sure !

If you ain't gonna get up ,remember it ain't gonna hurt nobody to get on down!

Git up, quick its a "RAID " by Lakeside !

I gotta git out of here.See ya next week in the vault!
Vonda,I forgot the slow jam of the week ! Since there are lots weekend girls out there this is for them !

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jazzy Fridays : Al Jarreau

To all my new facebook friends and fans of edgray4america we bring you the latest installment of Jazzy Fridays. This week its the the four pack of Al Jarreau on the set.To the end of all times we will be old friends, I will be here for you !

Al Jarreau was one of the best vocalists in the 70'sand 80"s .Listening to him scat sing was a pleasure to behold.I recall listening to him on those warm sunny days,gone forever .....

We search the you tube values for classics to be on the jazz tip on a mellow Friday. We play your songs!

As we leave the Moonlight is shining on a Friday night as it turns to Saturday Morning ! We will see you next week at our Jazz cafe.

Born in the USA Happy Birthday Mr.President

Edward Gray Library Archival Photograph

In my continuing quest as the sportscaster Howard Cosell like to say "tell it like it is'.Back in the day Cosell,use to throw caution to the wind and all be damned said like it was.I am going to take on the birthers.For those who listen and read my blog,we are non partisian but wholly entertaining.
The truth is,there has been a systematic attempt to delegitmitize his presidency and his ancestry.I have no issues with Republicans being the loyal opposition,I only have opposition to those who make war on the truth.Prior to his electon political opponets said that Barack Obama was not born in the USA.They are commonly called birthers-those who ascribed to the philosophy that President Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya.They demand that they see a birth ceritificate.

President Obama was born in Hononulu August 4,1961. Hawaii was a state in 1961 that alone should qualify.Ironically in the Hononoulu newspaper there was a birth announcement published chronicling President Obama's birth. Despite the evidence of a certificate of live birth, which is issued by the state of Hawaii ,and a printed news story,conspiracy theorists abound.

Those are the same conspiracy theorists who by their belief say that Obama stole the election is not qualified to be president.Thus they say they want their country back. Most black folk see this is code to say that black Americans are not real Americans.With that in mind,I say to Barack Obama,as one American to another,
Happy Birthday!

2009 Birthday celebration at the White House ......

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gospel Sunday August 1 :DFW Mass Choir

I feel like the days of my youth ! You remember those days when you counted half years.I can go back and do it again,however 48 and half seems strange to say.What is not strange is the "Joy" that I have this morning.
I am not afraid,because God is with me ,he brought me Joy in the morning.
Listen to my good friend and high school classmate Carnell Murrell sing and testify about that unconquerable "Joy".

"EVERYDAY WITH JESUS IS SWEETER THAN THE DAY BEFORE"!High caps intentional,sing it from the rafters! Kirk Franklin was and still is our hometown Choir director,before America recognized him ,God did.Who needs a entire country when you got God!
How often do you need God,"Everyday".

Sometimes when I ask God for something ,he don't come when i (small i intentional) want HIM to come.Like my mama says "He may not come when you want HIM,but HE is always on time".

And when he comes I don't want HIM to "Pass Me Not".

Until next week if God says the same "Peace and Blessings".