Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brittney Griner Basketball Legend !

Meanwhile down in Texas,Brittney Griner is setting the world on fire.
Back in the day,I said women couldn't play basketball.That changed for me , when I saw Debra Rodman,yes Dennis Rodman's older sister play in the 1979 Dallas Dr.Pepper tournament.This blog is not a Love and Basketball story,but it is a Love of Basketball story. Brittney Griner is a 6"8 junior from Houston Nimitz High School ,she has verbally committed to the University of Baylor.We can expect some more"meanwhile down in Texas stories" for awhile.

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Delta Sigma Theta Lobbies Congress

Recently,I attended a event that had many members of the Divine Nine present . For those readers of this blog ,the Divine Nine refers to the nine historical black Greek fraternities and sororities . With the inauguration of President Obama , many pundits and commentators are noticing that there is a black world of intelligent professionals. In the words of my daughter "Who knew ? "

From the February 26 ,2009 files of Politico,com , I give you this commentary .
"If a woman in red demands to be noticed, a thousand women in red are impossible to ignore.
At least that’s what the members of Delta Sigma Theta are counting on when they head to the Hill next week, clad in crimson and cream, to lobby their senators and representatives on the African-American sorority’s national agenda.
Don’t let the word “sorority” fool you: The Deltas won’t be pushing to lower the drinking age or fighting for their right to party. Most of the women who will attend the 20th annual four-day legislative seminar known as Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital are long out of school, and they’re coming to learn how to be effective advocates on issues like poverty, affordable housing and education.
“It’s an awesome sight to see so many black women here on the Hill,” says Nicole Williams, communications director for Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.). “There’s a powerful message, I think, that black women have a place at the political table.”

Perhaps the days of the media portraying black women in a negative light in pop culture are over.With each day as glass ceilings are being broken ,dreams are not being deferred.I salute those members of Delta Sigma Theta as they make a difference across America.