Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ed Gray 50 Years In Song !

5o years of songs ! My life in song ! My life in music ! Ed Gray !

Words can not express the joy , the relief , and enthusiasm I have for reaching this milestone ! Perhaps it better to put it in song !

I was born the same day THE GREAT DUKE ELLINGTON was born !

My family took the A TRAIN from the East Coast to Texas !

I grew up in Dallas atending local schools and enjoyed a typical childhood . . .
Eventually graduating from SMU in 1989 !

Sharing a birthday with Rick James allowed me the time to reflect on ....Partying !

In between parties , I found time to Keep Hope Alive !
In these times I served as a Congressional Intern , Founder of the Coalition for African American Progress , a Truman Scholar !

30 years of moving up . I have mentored hundreds of young people , giving numerous speeches , and spent countless hours in community service FOR THE PEOPLE .
I remain as always optimistic about the future ! To believe in the future , you must believe in our youth . We will be allright - because I am part of the youth movement . Young at Heart ! Optimistic ! Keep your head to the sky , you can win !

To truly be rich you must count what you give away .

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