Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ed Gray 50th Gospel Tribute

This is the week of my 50th birthday.I am ever thankful for My Lord , My Savior , for giving me these years . The picture of me on this blog I was 8 he brought me this far by faith.He didn't have to do it but he did . My belief in God is unchanging , my belief in religion has evolved . I believe in God , not man .
Thank you Master for My soul !

For the ages this is one of my favorites ! I played this song when my father died , it got me thru a rough day . My wish is that on my last day above the earth , they play this song , "Mary Don't you Weep " ...all of them men got drowned in the sea! Don't Weep !

I thank the Lord , for giving me my mother who instilled in me church ! She had me to go sing in the choir ,and if there was a song I remember very well ....It is "Pass me not " , Please Lord not pass me by !

Religion is about optimism , your belief in God is personal ! My relationship with my God is personal but I have a relationship , and it is not complicated. 50 YEARS, a lot of yesterday's gone and I pray a few more tomorrows to come .
I will be Optimistic !

See ya next week on the flip side of 50 !

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