Monday, December 5, 2011

Abner Haynes : Dallas Texans AFL Champions

One of the Unsung Heroes in Dallas Sports History is Abner Haynes . For those of you who don't know him , before it was Emmitt , before it was Tony Dorsett , there was Abner Haynes . Abner Haynes was the first back on a Dallas Football championship. Abner played for the Dallas Texans-KansasCity Chiefs football teams where he still holds ten records .The Dallas Texans AFL Champions .

I like to thank Abner for all he has done , a fantastic individual a pioneer of football . He was the featured football player in North Texas at the onset of the Civil Rights Era .Prior to playing professional football , he helped to integrate the University of North Texas in 1956. In a time when you could count blacks on a football team , he had the the opportunity by the virtue of stepping on the field to become a civil rights pioneer because of the unofficial quota system in Texas college football.
Abner Haynes professional career thrived in the Dallas Texans football system led by Coach Hank Stram .

// "He was a franchise player before they talked about franchise players," praised Stram. "He did it all — rushing, receiving, kickoff returns, punt returns. He gave us the dimension we needed to be a good team in Dallas." During his 8 professional seasons, Haynes carried the ball 1,036 times for 4,630 yards, a 4.7 average; caught 287 passes for 3,535 yards, a 12.3 average, and 20 touchdowns; returned 85 punts for 875 yards, a 10.3 average, and 1 touchdown; and ran back 121 kickoffs for 3,025 yards, a 25.0 average.His 12,065 combined yards is the American Football League record.

The former University of North Texas alum was an Amazing back that has been overlooked in North Texas football lore. Abner Haynes was the first ever AFL Rookie of the Year , and the first ever AFL MVP !

Thank you Abner , but most of all thank you for helping integrate the University of North Texas.

You are a Legend, a football player ,but above all else a Dallas Sports Legend !
You helped bring the first football championship to Dallas !

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