Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box " Christmas Edition

As we close yet another year in the Vault . Vonda's Vault Box offers tributes to Christmas ! The Vault Box is a collection of the best videos up loaded from you tube by Ed Gray . My thanks to all of you for listening to the Vault Box . My thanks to that maven of music, Vonda and all those Carter Cowboys from back in the day that made traveling on the way back machine a Fantastic Ride !

The Christmas Edition is here and it's brought to you by Santa Claus because he is coming to Town ! He needs to go to Sunny Southside Dallas ,Compton, Anacostia ,Dalworth . and Soulsville and many more ! We need a change, we don't need drugs in our community ,we don't need poor schools , we don't need violence ,Santa put that in your bag !

Vonda and KurtiS ,read Jcab and Ari a bed time story from back in the day !

Back in the day , Santa Claus came to town all the time carrying bags of toys . This year Santa and Janelle left me a Kindle . The firs thing downloaded was : The Jackson Five and Santa Claus

Blogging late at night , a "Silent Night" of reflection with the Temptations!

Our gift to you this week as always , the best video music blog on the planet !

The Vonda Vault Box Collection is closing down for the year ! We wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From my family to yours ! May 2012 be Golden ! " This Christmas " by my frat Donny Hatthaway !


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