Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembrances of Michael Jackson

Michael Joe Jackson has been away from us for a year .It is hard to believe that he is away from our midst .I remember wanting to be like the Jackson 5 as a kid growing up in Oak Cliff.The first time I saw Michael he was a spinning whirling dervish of 8,and in a very short time he was recognized by all as a child prodigy.

I bought all the records, ABC ,Never Say Goodbye, and many others. America rushed to these 5 young brothers from the hood because they were wholesome .Wholesome enough to come into our kitchens and living rooms on Saturday Morning !

I like that vibe so much, but we must interrupt this blog to bring you this commercial sponsored by Alpha Bits and The Jackson 5!

As you grow up , you must put away childish things.We all wanted to Michael be his own man and he left his brothers and escaped to the stratosphere with ....

Michael cemented his SUPERSTAR STATUS AS THE KING OF POP at the Motown 25 when he turned out the most seen live performance in world history.

For each post we all memories of Michael,I chose to remember Michael not for all of the jokes,and tabloid stories.Michael died on the cusp of old age for each generation, my generation and even my daughters who were born over 20 years ago, Michael will always be forever young.Michael we miss you - you are right we all need to make a change.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vonda's Vault Box : Jam Session 18

Vonda's Vault Box is open for buisness sending a shout out to Nylevette who is listening on Facebook !Special shout out to the Ken from the GAP in Tulsa Oklahoma! On this Junetenth Day as we celebrate the liberation of African Americans in Texas,we jam one more Saturday.
This Saturday we say it is written "In The Stone", by Earth Wind and Fire!

I know its Early in the Morning!But we got lots of places to Go!Lets go with the Gap Band!I told you I was going to play it!Stand In the Gap !

From Early in the morning to Night and Day we will be here with the best videos for your Saturday Morning Hip Hop, R and B pleasure!In full effect here is AL B Sure!

In this 90's groove right now!I gotta catch them the next time they are in the GP!Check out Teddy,Damien,and Aaron,they are GUY !

gOTTA gO nOW ,,,, its early in the morning!I gotta feelin this is gonna be a good day! Happy JuneTenth Day! Looking through Vonda's Vault is "Never Too Much ".A thousand kisses makes us never want to stop playing the best blasts from the past!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big 12 will be Dead By July 4

The Big 12 will be dead by Independence Day look for it..The Big 12 raided by the PAC 10 and the Big 10 ,will be forced to head south and pick up schools like Rice ,SMU ,TCU, and UNT. If the root of all evil is money, then the root of all sports is money merchandising.
The money is out like the genie out of the bottle.Nebraska started the conference hopping by leaving for the Big 10.Strenthing the Big 10 which actually has eleven schools,help create a tidal wave, a football conference hopping tsunami.

With that genie out of the bottle ,Colorado bolted for the PAC -10.Nothing big if you live in Texas.But this is the deal,Texas has been talking to the PAC 10 for the last six weeks.Texas is leaving and thats for sure.There is no reason for them to be in the Big 12 if big football matchups with Nebraska don't exist.The old SWC maybe dead,but conference rivaliries never die.Texas and Oklahoma go together like peanut butter and jelly.
In Oklahoma the rivalry with Oklahoma State stops the
state for the weekend.Throw in Texas Tech in the high plains ,and the Big 12 is hung out to dry.

Oklahoma State will follow its football big brothers in Texas and Oklahoma.Check it out, one of the biggest alumni for Oklahoma State and boosters for Texas is T. Boone Pickens.The Pickens plan is about energy but this time lets talk about football.
If Texas leaves expects Oklahoma State to follow. Pickens is one of the biggest boosters in both schools. Boomer Sooner is going to Hook up with Bevo in a new mega conference.The Eyes of Texas and UT is on the Big 12 the incredible shrinking conference.

The only thing that can save the Big 12 is a launch into the big market areas of Texas.Pick up market places like Houston with Rice,Dallas with SMU,and Fort Worth with TCU.Throw in another college from Houston such as as the University of Houston and possibly the University of North Texas from the metroplex and a new reconstituted Big 12 can fight for survival.A resurrected Big 12,because the Big 12 as we know it now ,is dead.

Vonda's Vault Box :Jam Session 17

The Original, The Undisputed Champion of Vault Boxes is back ! We are fighting the power with the Isley Brothers.Condolences to the Isley Family in the recent passing of Marvin Isley.Marvin Isley died this past week,he was 56.

After fighting it is time to get mellow ......

Enuff of this I need some Funky Diva's to talk about "My Lovin" .
4 Girlz doing their thing >>> En Vogue will never go out of style!

The Nineties had En Vogue The Tens have Alicia !
The Beauty of our women is timeless ,Only In America !
Alicia is simply marvelous !

Well,Vonda is telling me to stick with the format! Back 2 Life Back 2 Reality.Soul II Soul closes out the set we will see ya next week back at the Vault!