Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day 2011:Saving America Edition

Freedom Never Comes Cheap ,Freedom Never Comes Easy .
From a you tube clip today I got this statement from BrutallyHonest
I'm sure they didnt fight this hard so kids today can blast their rap music & rattle peoples cars & disturb everyone around them.Iwish todays society had a little more honor in America.I'm sad how things have turned out after watching this.America has become a sissified,I dont wana work hard, with a"EveryBody owes me attitude."We have great Americans today.But,the bad out weighs the good.If todays society was the mind set in the 40's we may have lost the damn war.Its time to restore honor.

My Memorial Day Statement for all of us , as we observe on this day 29th day of May 2011 . In the tenth year of our POST 911-World .
For each generation,many answer the clarion call for freedom.As we go our way to the numerous holiday activities let us not forget.It is not the BBQ that makes this a special day,it is the sacrifice of those soldiers who have served that makes this a hallowed day.
It is from Valley Forge to Afghanistan and Iraq to Osama Bin Laden's bedroom ,patriots have trodden the blood stained fields for our rights that we often take for granted.My generation has went from the days in which our soldiers were outcasts in a society that did not want them to heroes we welcome back from war at DFW airport.

My mother and myself prayed for his return.For all those who have served and those who are serving.The prayer I had for my father when I was eight years old,I say again for you ...
Dear God,Help them come home .
Because we need them here,but since they are over there.Be There with them.Walk with them,talk with them,so that we may one day,walk and talk again as a family.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Jazz Mourns : Gil Scott Heron April 1, 1949 -- May 27, 2011

Gil Scott Heron the reknowned jazz poet died today , he was 62 .He was known as a revolutionary and poet of the free consciouss movement.Scott-Heron was quoted as the first change occurrs in your mind.Gil was born in Chicago, and was the son of Jamaican immigrant father Gil Scott and a Chicago teacher Bobbi Heron.
Gil Scott Heron is best known for his song -poet "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ".He was only eighteen when it was recorded. Within five years he recorded 3 albums ,2 novels ,and a book of poetry .

Scott -Heron was a social actvist who wasan action oriented activist who rapped about everything from apartheid to nu nukes.
Gil Scott-Heron's social activism spoke of the social ills of the Ghetto !

Scott -Heron battled and papped of the ills that afflicted the community through the drug abuse of the counterculture . In his classic "Angel Dust ". It went like this ...
Gil spoke of electoral politics of the Reagan era;fighting APARTHEID !
One of all my favorites,I remember singing the lyrics @ El Centro with Kwame Toure at our Apartheid conference in 1986 .You may also know Toure as Stokely Carmichael !
Whats's The Word ? JOHANNESBURG !

The Revolution will not be digitized.
The Revolution will not accept you as a friend on Facebook;
The Revolution will not be available as a tweet in less than 140 characters
The Revolution will not be uploaded to You Tube or available as a download on Hulu.
The Revolution will not be digitized

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jim Brown and the Best NFL Rushers of All Time

The newest entry in the Edgray4America video blog is the Football Monday Series.
In a spirited conversation recently at Diverse Cutz in Arlington we talked about the best rushers in NFL History.
Part I of the series listed NFL Rushers 10-6 .
10: OJ Simppson
9 Earl Cambell
8-Jerome Bettis
7-Curtis Martin
6- Tony Dorsett
Number 5 on the list is one of my favorite runners , "The Sealy Express " , the second half of "The Pony Express" , Eric Dickerson. My man from SMU !

Number 4 The Texas Connection continues with the only Rusher I met personally! Thanks Ron Fry for introducing me and Emmit years ago when we both were coming up !
"Go Emmit" The NFL All Time Leading Rusher !
There was none tougher than Emmitt Smith !

Number 3 Barry Sanders - He played with an sub par Detriot Lion team ,and he could have broken the All time Leading Rushing record , but he retired on top !

Number 2: Two Words 'Walter Payton " Sweetness !
Combination of Toughness , Speed , and Dignity !

Number 1 - The Greatest of All Time - Jim Brown !
Every football player that passes Jim Brown's rushing record is still compared to Jim Brown ! There is no player that had higher rushing avrage , and he played in a 12 game season unlikethe others who played in a 16 and 14 game season !
Jim Brown number One - The Greatest of ALL TIME !
9 seasons - 8 Rushing Titles !

Until Next Week At The Cutz !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gospel Sunday : It"s 6 o Clock

At church in Mississippi this past Spring Break with Kim Elmazi and Donta McGilvery ...
If you are reading this ,you know the world did not end at 6 pm on May 21 ,2011. We as believers in the faith ,know that no man knows the hour ,we have to be dilligent.For each one of us 6 o clock comes at a different time.
But when I leave ,I want to go up a yonder !

I am still waiting ,when the Gates swing open I will walk in !

Sometimes I wonder if I can get in , but when I do .....

And when I get to Heaven, I am going to stomp !
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

Whether you roll with Kirk or prefer a more conventional Mahalia Jackson !
Let us all pray ...Unceasingly !

Until next week or until the Lord calls me !

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box - 2011 Summer Season

Ok Vonda , I just broke loose from school ! Amd it's on ! Try to Bust Out , Carter Kin folk ! Lets get up with Showtime , DJ Skorpio , Wendy Rucker Moore ,and Keith Hill, as the they lead us into the new millenium of funk and good times 1
Let's Bust Out !
Deborah thanks for keeping the Funk Alive with your Ushy mixes and your Funk stories with the Master of P Funk George Clinton !

Let's Bust Out ! With the Prince of Funk ! Rick James !

"If you don't like our funk , you can take your stuff and scram " ,
Rick James 1979 , 2011 .....
"The Funk shall rise again "Ed Gray

Are you with me ...... Shake Your Pants !

Gotta Go and work for the people ..... "Time to Fight The Power "

This is Outstanding !Uncle Charlie bring us home !

See ya Next week !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Barbershop Talk Monday : Roger Best Dallas QB , Aikman Second

After careful consideration and numerous conversations at the Barbershop.I have determined that Roger Staubach is the best Dallas QB Ever. There have been many to choose from ,36 men have played the position. We will talk about the Greatest in the video blog.

The Best Dallas QB EVER
Roger lead the Dallas Cowboys during the 70 Glory Days .He led them to 2 Super Bowl victories . Although coming in second does not count ,he led Dallas to two other Super Bowl appearances against Pittsburg.
He was "Captain America" who "led Americas Team".The Cowboys though talented was not as rich as the Aikman led team of the 90"s.5 Super Bowl Appearances in 10 years during the 70's. A veritable dynasty - "Hail Mary "

Number 2 On the List :
Second Place and damn near first was Troy.Troy Aikman led the best teams that Dallas ever fielded.More Hall of Famers will be elected from the squads that Jimmy Johnson put together during the early 90"s.
You got to be good to lead a Dynasty . Aikman had help with the Triplets and a Stifling Defense.Troy is the only Dallas QB to win 3 Super Bowls.

Number 3
Dandy Don Meridith ,the first Dallas Cowboy Qb to lead his team to the NFL Championship.He failed in two tries to to beat the eventual Super Bowl Champion victors in the first 2 Super Bowls.

Number 4 is Danny White .
He lead Dallas to the NFC Championship but was overlooked during the post Roger era.

Number 5 is Tony Romo .
Tony has lots of promise!Tony has to Deliver at least a NFC Championship to move up on the list.

Well thats's all folks "Turn out the Lights the parties over ".

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gospel Sunday Returns ! Trinity Temple , Aretha, Patti and The Holy Spirit !!

Picture above is Browns Chapel , located in Montgomery , Alabama , Summer 2011.
Blogging returns on Sunday with a Gospel Treat ! Its back , Its on Time ! Get Your Praise on with the DFW MASS CHOIR ,if you wait on the Lord !

He is On Time !
My mother is a member of Trinity Temple , she sung on this album ! That was before cds,ipods ,and blogs! Can't Nobody ! Nobody but my savior , Jesus !
Kirk Franklin and the Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir !
Oak Cliff where I was raised , brings back memories !Trinity Temple located on Polk Street in Oak Cliff. Hard to think that 20 years have passed !
Praise Him "The Holy One " !

My Soul is weary, My soul is tired , how long must I go on like this ?
My Soul Needs to Pray !

Those songs bring back memories , precious memories,thank you Mama for showing a child the way ! Precious Memories get in the Way !

Until next week if the Lord says the same !

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas :The State Senator Carries Heat

This qualifies as one of the latest strange but true - it only could happen in Texas stories.Our Texas state legislators recently debated a law that would allow students to carry guns on college campuses.

Wow ,I would really feel safe now. We are going to trust a college kid with carrying a concealed hand weapon, when we can't even trust him with a wine cooler. Our Texas legislators in their efforts to stop another Virginia Tech have relied on an unintended consequence to emerge."Stupidity".

Texas Unintended Consequence II
In an effort to protect our state officials from a possible assasination they are debating a law that would allow them to carry concealed handguns too.Our Texas legislators are on a roll! They could carry concealed handweapons anywhere.The next time you cut off your state legislator in traffic ,think twice !It may be a state senator with a little road rage !
Watch out !

Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama “The Unforgiveable Blackness “

We as Americans like to believe that we live in an enlightened society.A society in which in a short 150 years an African –American is in the White House as the president. Many pundits speculated after Obama's election that we could live in a post racial society.An American society in which color would no longer be a factor in politics and in the country as a whole.
W.E.B. Dubois, the renowned educator and philosopher in commenting on the first black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson , declared that he was guilty of ”unforgiveable blackness”. Likewise Obama is guilty of unforgiveable blackness. Guilty of being the first black in the neighborhood.Guilty to have to defend getting a Nobel Peace Prize, a prize that he did not campaign for. Guilty of “Unforgiveable Blackness” , something he did not ask for.

President Obama is much like the first black heavyweight champion, who also was guilty of “unforgiveable blackness”.Obama was guilty to prove that he was an American, despite the evidence that proves that he was born in Hawaii.Public documentation and also public notification in the local newspapers notwithstanding we had the ‘Birthers”.

I was amazed at some who said “I don’t believe it.I need to see a body “, and “I am tired of Obama saying he did it …. He didn’t kill Osama, the Navy Seals did it “.The fact is: Obama is the commander of chief ,he takes responsibility or fault for any military action that he orders.President Reagan likewise took credit for attacking Libya.

It happened on Obama’s watch and therefore he did indeed do it.It sort reminds me of the incantations of white racists who implored the fans of heavyweight champion Jack Johnson not to gloat ,”remember you have not down nothing at all” Years later descendants of those same racists say to Obama that he has not done nothing at all.

President Obama deserved to take his moment in the sun as a patriot ,who attacks terrorism much like Ronald Reagan.We as Americans have a proud tradition to uphold,a tradition that stands against tyranny.A tyranny that we still battle today is home grown racism;no Navy Seal can kill that.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day 2011 !

Happy Mothers Day !
As we all celebrate Mothers Day,let us pay proper honor to our Mothers.Moms who bandage our wounds physical,spirtual, and mental.Mothers who cry for us before we cried.Mothers who laugh with us as we crack jokes and smile with us as we smile through the joy and the pain of life. To her we say Happy Mothers'Day !
Some mothers are tough ,have to deal with us by being a mom and dad !They do the best that they can do,Salute them with style and grace ....

Mother's also can be saluted Old Skool style like the Spinners did when talking about Sadie Mae! We all love our Mother's !"She's never sinning , she is always winning !"

To all Mama's ,Mother's,Mommie"s, you will always be the Queen of the Earth!
Loving you is food for the soul !