Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Revival of Faith

I have traveled back home to the city of my birth ,Washington D.C. As always I am humbled by the majesty of the greatest country in the world. God has blessed this country with bountiful blessings in talent and resources.I have spent this past week traveling to the Virginia countryside and walking the path my ancestors walked . My family has paid the price and we long have made claim to this country as our birthright. My foreparents literally witnessed the surrendering of Lee to Grant @ Appomattox ,and then almost 100 years later walked with Dr. King on the March on Washington.Every one hundred years my family has witnessed the birth of freedom in this country. Today as I read the Washington Post in Prince Georges County , Maryland ,the most prosperous black county in America ,I remain astounded by the fact that in 100 days, the country will decide whether a black man will be the President of the United States.
Whether we are Democrat or Republican ,liberal or conservative,one thing we all can say, "Only in America", this could happen no where else. My trip to DC this past week has served as a revival of faith,not just faith in my country but faith in my family as well.For both,family and country, we will all perservere as we have always done. We remain rooted in the knowledge of our past,hope for the future,and a deep belief and trust in God Almighty .God Bless America. God Bless us all.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama Turns Right to McCain

The John McCain campaign has recently made the second complete overhaul of his presidential campaign. Some friends in the Republican party have stated that the GOP will have a hard time if they don't get it together soon. The latest change was the sacking of the 11 man regional campaign apparatus created by Rick Davis. Steve Schmidt a disciple of Kurt Rove will be the new McCain main man .

The McCain campaign is headed for trouble in the fall if the it does not get a grip. If McCain gets elected ,it won't be because of his superb campaign organization it will be in spite of. Obama meanwhile is methodically changing his campaign to change to a fall campaign. Recently he has flipped the script on two issues , he has now said he will not accept federal funds and the second is his Iraq policy. He has taken very little heat over what other politicians would have been crucified as flip flops.
Obama while turning toward the right to pick up fall votes still has not sewed the base Democratic votes . Latino voters still have a hard time voting for Barack Obama from race based political envy. Women voters still have not moved over en masse from Hillary Land. At this point McCain might have more of his GOP base than Obama from his Democratic base. McCain could lose a small percentage of voters in the fall to Bob Barr, probably offset by the liberal voters who will vote for Ralph Nader. The Obama campaign maintains a heavy lead in the youth vote, this past year he visited University Of Texas and moved the crowd. With every vote up for contention , the possibility of the election can turn on the youth vote. Obama maintains a healthy lead in this category .

The trouble with the McCain team with the GOP is that they are distrusted by the conservative base . and with good reason .He has modified his beliefs as he has moved toward the right.

The irony is as McCain moves right so does Obama .Obama in his move toward the center has stated that he needs to rethink Iraq ,disagreed with the Supreme Court over its ruling on the issue of death penalty ,and he recently endorsed a white conservative Democrat over a black female liberal in congressional run off .
Obama has proven that he is turning right ,and McCain needs to respond to the turn. McCain's campaign is not in an action oriented focus and that will cost him at the end of the day .

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Jesse Helms Legacy

Jesse Helms died recently and people are judging his legacy.The pundits and the blogs are formulating an adequate eulogy. Either you loved him or hated him .Senator Helms was a true conservative who played hard to win .Whether it was against communism , or civil rights ,you knew where you stood. Jesse Helm's stoked the fears of the white working class in his senatorial campaign against Harvey Gantt. Helms campaign advertising pitting black voter against white voter, thank God our country has matured . The Republican party and its candidates in their desire to get black voters must never stoop again to the low level of the Helms advertising. The only thing that add needed to incite white anger and backlash was to use the "N word" .

Jesse Helms supporters will thank him for staying true to his conservative principles. As an American who completely abhors prejudice of any kind , I felt that Senator Helms expressed his views regarding African Americans in an old school way. Thank God ,school is out and we have moved on . RIP - Jesse Helms.

Friday, July 4, 2008

We Need a Patton Today

I was told as a child never to start anything you cannot finish . The Iraq War is now being fought on another Independence Day. Senator Obama will soon go to Iraq and determine how to prosecute the war. Senator McCain has decided how to fight the war,it is to win it.While politicians talk about the war over hot dogs this holiday, soldiers like my cousin are in the war zone trying to survive. No one likes war ,as the noted philospher Edwin Starr asked "War,what is it good for ? Absolutely nothing."
This July 4th as we debate about whether we should be in Iraq ,we seem to forget the past.We didn't ask that question on September 11 ,2001 whether we should be in Iraq. America was just like the American settlers of the past responding to an Indian raid.Just round up a posse and get the Indians ,any Indian will do. So know we are holier than thou,when it comes to our past logic. We shouldn't be there ,we now say. We Americans should not start anything we can not finish .We need to be careful regarding any withdrawals or plans of occupation as this is a recipe of disaster.We create more enemies when we are not careful with our actions.
The bottom line my friends ,is that I would not want us to be in Iraq ,but we are there.The only way for us to come home ,is to come home a winner. General George Patton and those leaders of "The Greatest Generation "need to talk to this generation to give us some focus.