Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Sings Gospel : A Quiet Place Tribute 1963-2012

Whitney Houston Sings Gospel, this is a tribute to Whitney and her Gospel Roots ! From the root to the fruit ...

I Believe , Whitney Believed , We are not perfect that is why we Worship Someone that is perfect !

You can not get away ... If you have it instilled in you from the inception , redemption is always around the corner !

Amazing Grace was bestowed Upon Us !
If we can all reach a little higher , we will all get there !
Prayers to the Houston Family !

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston 1963-2012 : We Will Always Love You !

What a year .... In a month's time , Etta GONE ... Don Cornelius GONE ... They belong To the Ages ... Many times I have said that most of MY favorite singers have passed. This is a shocker ! I remember Whitney when she came out in the early 1980's ,a fantastic voice, a fantastic actress , a fantastic beautiful woman that will never be forgotten ! I remember seeing her perform with Luther Van Dross at Reunion Arena !

In the coming days we will see footage of a beautiful young woman , with a voice , and astage presence that shined for the world to see.I see myself now as a young man of the 80's . Whitney the voice of a New America . Unfettered by racial conventions ready to shine and preparing to let her talents speak for itself .

Her Love story with Bobby Brown, had its ups and downs ! Our public figures have private lives ! No need to document the ups and downs, only time to remember the good times that they shared ! They had something in common , young love !

A faboulous actress whose talents on the big screen was just as big as her voice !

If we ever have a need for prayer , let us do it today for the Houston Family ! God has a plan , sometimes he does not let us know the plan ! As we reflect , let us always remember , that though her voice is silenced , she used her God given talents for all of us to enjoy .

Whitney, We will always Love You !

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