Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Morning Devotional :Rachel Dupard

Another Sunday Morning to be blessed.The Sunday Morning Devotional music is dedicated to God,and not to man. There is no message,but the beauty of God and our worship of Him. Please enjoy the music and get your praise on.My friend Reggie Dupard,has the most amazing daughter in Rachel Dupard .This is a clip from a few years back.The girl can sing,with more videos to come.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Governor Goes Christmas Shopping

Don King's favorite saying is "Only in America".It is true,America is a wonderful country.A country in which people can come to this country and in a short time become millionaires and governors.Arnold Schwarzenegger fits that immigrants dream.From Austria to Sacramento and a detour in Hollywood for a time as America’s favorite action hero.
Just in time to enjoy Black Friday,a trip to the malls and stores for those insane moments of shopping delirium.Here is a look back at the Governor Arnie and my tribute to Black Friday,and the shopping season.Meanwhile,I am going shopping with the wife and kids.On second thought,I will stay home,and send my wallet.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Empire State of Mind

Rudy Giulanni will not run for governor of New York. He will concentrate on running for the United States Senate.My assumption is that former Mayor Rudy Giulanni will fare better against the incumbent Senator Kristen Gillibrand.Senator Gillibrand was appointed by Governor David Patterson to succeed former Senator Hillary Clinton when she accepted Secretary of State.Giulani is polling better against Senator Gillibrand than against the perceived Democratic frontrunner New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.Giulani therefore has dropped plans for running for governor and has switched his sights on the New York senate seat.
Governor Giulani has reportedly contacted Cuomo’s camp and stated that he was no longer looking at the governor’s race.Lost in the shuffle is the current occupant at the statehouse,Governor David Patterson.A governor that the Democratic establishment does not want, including President Obama.

All this leaves me in a Empire State of Mind.