Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Gospel: January 31, 2010

My Sunday Morning Tribute from a favorite of my grandmother.I remember singing this song with her back in Virginia.Please sit back and enjoy this Sunday Gospel
Treat! Sister Mahalia Jackson sings about the best friend we can have ...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

John "I am the Pappy' Edwards Comes Clean

Former Senator John Edwards political career is over. Not so much because of politics,but it is his personal indiscretions.Senator Edward's recently admitted that he was the father of his child with Rielle Hunter.

Rielle Hunter worked in Edwards 2008 presidential campaign as a video producer.Edward's campaign aide Andrew Young was coerced to take the fall and paternity of Senator Edward's daughter.The presumption was that this would blow over, and Young would keep his mouth quiet.Wrong on many points.

Edward's had all the tools, the looks, the money, and the message that appealed to many. What he had in political savvy, he lacked in honor. The Edwards political career is damaged ,perhaps forever. Edwards is not the only presidential candidate where the illegitimacy question tarnished their presidential campaigns. In the days of old, two presidents had to answer the question. President Grover Cleveland and President Warren G. Harding both faced the illegitimacy question. The Cleveland campaign was almost derailed by the ditty "Ma, Ma ,where's my Pa" ,he weathered the storm and the victorious Democrats retorted "Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha".

Republican Senator Warren G. Harding before he was elected president in 1920 had the Nan Britton scandal.His mistress later wrote a tell all book detailing the president's sex life.The scandal subsequently died.Times have changed as we have 24 hour non stop news cycles,instant communication,and blogs to keep news stories alive.As we continue to debate the viability of John Edwards career,there is one thing that is not debatable,a little girl did not ask for all this unwanted attention.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Teddy Pendergrass 1950-2010

Teddy Pendergrass,the iconic singer of the 1970"s and 1980"s passed away recently.I remember as a young man listening to Teddy sing the classics "Close the Door "and Turn out the Lights" .Those two songs were two of my favorites. Teddy had more success singing his versions , than I did my versions.Teddy's booming voice almost shouting ,commanded legions of women to do his will.

Teddy will be missed,his courage in trying to overcome the horrific effects of the automobile accident that rendered him a paraplegic was his greatest accomplishment.
When adversity comes a calling many hide,Teddy Pendergrass fought it.Teddy the door may be closed,but your courage was your greatest inspiration.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Mother and Dr. King

My mother marched with Martin Luther King Jr. She was not a civil rights icon,but a 20 year old fed up with segregation .My family lived in Washington DC at the time and like many others in the city experienced segregation in the south.Mama was told by her job that if she didn't report to work that she would be fired.Young people when challenged will always take the challenge.

Dr.King was a 34 year old debating politics with established politicians and presidents.Neither in their own worlds back down from the challenge.I am glad they both accepted the challenge.Mama went to march that day,and managed to get four feet behind Dr.King.They marched,they sang,they prayed ,and they dreamed.

I am glad they both challenged the system. As we observe the MLK Birthday Celebration, we must not forget the countless others who assisted the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr..Through countless small acts of courage,and the major acts of courage from leaders like Dr.King and others the civil rights struggle was won.Thank you Mama and thank you Dr.King.