Sunday, June 3, 2012

Donna Summer , Mitt Romney , and John Edwards

The Ed Gray Political Blog is back after a hiatus of reading and researching in scholarly pursuit. In the past three months we have witnessed the end of the GOP political race ,as Mitt Romney has won the nomination . The GOP will unite around Mitt because he offers the best chance to beat Obama . Watch for ads like this to come from Obama and the super pacs that will try to influence our votes. The deaths of Don Cornelius stunned the soul community ,. In politics Senator John Edwards got off once more no pun intended . This trial should never been heard , it never involved campaign money . One thing for sure in the world of players , John is King . Anybody that can get another man to take credit for his child , wow . It shuld't went tpo trial , it seems his aide Andrew Young were more than willing accomplices to take money regardless of where Senator Edwards got it from . What this was about was money , and greed . Deaths come in threes they say . I don't know about that, but Death comes to us all . We have to live our life and prepare for the Last Dance . RIP Donna Summer .


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