Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box : Kids Section with the Jackson 5 , Bow Wow , New Edition , Slick Rick,and Run DMC

Another Saturday ,another story to tell .
In the vault have a children's section too.
Let's get Slick Rick to talk to the kids !

We got lots of kids in the vault sometime they get out of hand ,that's why we have SECURITY !

No kids section can not be complete without the Jackson 5 !

Almost as good as the J5 , NAW.... butthey were good anyway.

Kids grow up he ain't Lil Bow Wow , just BOW WOW !
Where my dogs at ? They in the vault !

We gotta go chase some kids away from the turntable and that's the way it is !

See ya next week !

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Jazzy Fridays : Fusion City , Miles Davis ,George Duke ,Waymon Tisdale , Alex Bugnon

This week our jazz trip goes straight to you with an blast from the past. So many hits last week and calls requesting some more fusion -jazz! Let's hear from Waymon Tisdale as we cruise on the "Starship".

The Ohio Players standard never sounded so good !
Alex Bugnon plays this funk standard to anew jazz standard ! Fusion at its best !

Fusion Jazz - from Houston Texas , Ronnie Laws !
There are no friends and strangers in Jazz - just good vibes !

MILES DAVIS plays a r and b classic "Human Nature" from Michael Jackson !

We live you just as we came in on a starship !
This time the 'Mothership Connection " ! With George Duke !

See ya next week at the corner of Jazz and Good Times !

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MLK Dedication October 16 ,2011

The nation paused to honor greatness not only in a man but for a country .The nation honored not a general ,not a president,not a politician , not WAR ,but a man who stood for freedom.

My mother marched with Dr. King during the March on Washington.

She marched not because it was fashionable .
In fact some black folk encouraged her not to go.
She marched because she was young and hopeful for a better future .

They all looked so young and hopeful that August in 1963.
As they look back in October 2011 for a cause that will never die - Civil Rights.

They did not imagine they would see this .
A black man as president of the United States.

Every Man leaves A legacy through his works. Dr. King leaves a legacy for us all !

We Have some difficult days Ahead , but I wish we had them with you .

God Bless You, Dr. King .....

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box : Dance off Contest :Michael , Bobby Brown , Usher ,Johnny Gill ,Chris Brown

The Vault Box is open for business once more .The Vault Box series in honor of Usher Raymond"s birthday celebrates !If you like this video blog series "U don't Have to Call " just forward it to someone ! True Player for Real !

Everyone in the vault is Dance crazy ! I hope this blog finds you dancing at the computer with Vonda ! Johnny Gill - is dancing " Rub You The Right Way ".

RIP -Michael Jackson ! He was just awesome ! Everyone sing "You Rock My World !
oh-oh Here comes Usher again ! What,is that Chris Tucker ?

Slow the dancing , I may just need a pacemaker ! Whitney is causing a disturbance in the vault yelling ,BOBBY , BOBBY ! "Rock Witcha " with Bobby Brown!

A late entrant by Lady T , She says what about Chris Brown !
Make that Change !

Another Video Blog in the hard drive !
Let's dance out of here with MJ !
Long live the King of POP ! THIS VIDEO BLOG IS JUST "BAD" ! REmix for the ages !

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Jazzy Fridays : Eryka Badu ,Al Jarreau,Waymon Tisdale , Kem ,Kirk Whalum

Casey is running this joint , asking and requesting that we put up some jazz , so we can get this jazz set going ! I am looking forward to possibly introducing a new jazz concept with a entrepreneur for Grand Prairie !In the meantime let's content ourselves with this jazz video mix! 'I Will Be Here for You " !

Let's get in the "Apple Tree" with South Dallas" own Eryka Badu ! Its been years since I saw her reading taro cards at Onasile Salon ! Eryka Badu's music defies description .Is it jazz ? You be the Judge !

We are in the jazz singer mood , Lets pick up with Anita Baker , she is my "Angel" !

Detroit in the house , Anita Baker and now it's my man Kem ! He got a little Al Jarreau sound , but he got a Y2K SWAGGER ! Here is Kem !

Southwest Jazz Artist the late Waymon Tisdale from Tulsa, plays "Get Down on It ".

If the name sounds familiar, yes it is the one and only former OU basketball great and NBA player !

We have to go now ! Before we leave let's do "The Wave" with Kirk Whalum !
If you look closely in the clip you can see Casey walk pass the camera !

See ya next week at the Jazzy Friday and we will save you a seat !

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gospel Sunday ; God Is In the Music : Kirk Whalum , Al Green, Sam Cooke ,Kirk Franklin

Each Sunday as we reach out and touch our brothers and sisters , we do it with all kinds of music ! All Glorifying the Lord !
Gospel Sunday , God Makes Me a Believer !

After the week , I have had ! Nobody Knows the trouble that I have seen . Nobody But one , Yes Lord ! the great Sam Cooke testifies about the troubles and the sorrow !
Glory to God !

Even back in the day .... Gospel Sunday and Rand B mix together in the 70's. Back then it was a rand b . Today it would be on the Gospel charts . Well today its on the blog ! Al Green sings about a choice to make - a woman or God ! He chooses God ! " I know you can understand a country boy ".

From jazz to r and b , to old skool , to new skool !
God Is here !
Hosanna !

See you next week at Gospel Sunday !
God Bless !

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box Cameo , Parliament , Jodeci , Angela ,Alex and Cherelle

These late hours in the vault are killing me , the hours are changing and i need a flash light to see the wax! Oh -Oh here it is I found it !

Man who is that over there , man that's Larry what you say !
Strange ! and Cameo Likes it !

Gotta catch my breath , the Vaulters say slow it down, anything for My Beloveds!

I gotta play some Jodeci for some real lovers of the best era ever was the 90"s !

Well we gotta go , the vault is closed down for another week !

See ya next week at the Vonda's Vault Box !

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Monday Football Special : Al Davis 1929-2011

The mercurial Al Davis passed away today . I have always like Al because he always pushed the envelope. He truly thought outside he box . He was an innovator. He crossed several decades from the 60"s to the 2k TENS !

Al was born to a wealthy family in Brocktown Massachusetts,the same town that spawned former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano. He soon moved the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Davis football career began as a offensive line coach from 1960-1962 for the Los Angeles Chargers ( not a miss print ) the Chargers were originally in Los Angeles.
In 1963 he was chosen to be the head coach for the Oakland Raiders and immediately improved the winning percentage for the team.

In 1966 Davis was chosen by his peers to head the AFL but what is best known is winning .
From the wikepedia post of October 8 , 2011 best sums up the Al Davis Legacy .
The Raiders became one of the most successful teams in all of professional sports. From 1967 to 1985 the team won 13 division championships, one AFL championship (1967), three Super Bowls (XI, XV, and XVIII) and made 15 playoff appearances. Though the Raiders' fortunes have waned in recent years, having gone 37–91 from 2003 to 2010, they are one of two teams to play in the Super Bowl in four different decades, with the other being the Pittsburgh Steelers. Along with appearing in five Super Bowls, the Raiders have also played in their Conference/League Championship Game in every decade since their inception.

Davis from a sociological point of view broke the good old boy network .He was the first team owner to hire a minorities ad head football coaches by Hiring Tom Flores and Art Shell .HIS AGGRESSIVE MANNER AND HIS COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE SEPARATED HIM FROM THE PACK . Mr. Davis you have earned your rest ,thanks for all you did as an innovator and a man who gave minorities a chance to win , when others put them on the sideline.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Night Fights :Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Floyd Mayweather

Yep ,This is the Tuedsy Night Fight ! Noooooo ! Not the Sugar Ray Leonars Hall of Famer vs. Floyd "Money" Mayweather . It's his dad ! Floyd Sr .
Let's take a look back into time to the 1970"s !
September 9 ,1978 the young Sugar Ray Leonard with a record of 13-0 with 8 KO'S vs. the dangerous Floyd Mayweather 15-1 with 8 KO'S !
Let's go back and listen as Howard Cosell calls the fight !

The third round saw Leonard use his fast reflexes and ring speed to outclass Mayweather ! Leonard was overcomming being thumbed by Mayweather.

The end is near. Leonard uses his superior speed and the footwork to Knock out Floyd Mayweather !

And the winner is Sugar Ray Leonard from Washington D.C.!
Tuesday Night Fights brought to you by Ford !

See you next week at Ringside !


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gospel Sunday : We Need You Lord Features Jonathan Butler, Aretha ,Sounds Of Blackness

We Need You Lord ! This week we say it , we ask for your help , as we know we can not do it alone ! We are either in a storm , leaving a storm , or headed to a storm ,We Need You Lord ! " I Love to Worship " at your throne !

SOMETHING IN THE NAME ..... we believe in Jesus ,We believe in God !
Pass me Not. Hear my Humble Cry ! O Gentle Savior !

One of my favorites from the Queen of Soul .... This got me thru a rough day ! Mary don't you weep ,and I didn't weep either !
Pharoahs army got drowned in the sea !

Back to old churches of my youth!Those days of sitting in the church pews ,with those sisters,with those big fans and bigger hats !The minister shouting and praying for salvation !
I Believe , Yes , Jesus I believe !

Until we see you next week , pray for me , and pray for us !

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jazzy Fridays : All African Connection / Sade ,Jonathan Butler ,Miriam Makeba

Jazzy Fridays back again for another week of your best video blogs in America ! Let's get started with some jazz from the Motherland a throwback from Africa !
From South AFRICA with love ! Jonathan Butler !

For you out there who love jazz as much as I do !
Do you Love me and Jazzy Fridays !

From the shanty town's of Capetown during the days of apartheid to England , to winning Grammys in America , Butler has been a class act . There is nthing like a Jonathan Butler slow jam !

Going to Africa SOON !
Edgray4america is tenatively making plans to travel to Liberia !
But meanwhile let's think of Under African Skies !
Peter Simon and the late great Miriam Makeba!
Makeba another freedom fighter from South Africa !

From down coast in South Africa to the west coast of the continent !
Let's go to Nigeria ! " The Sweetest Taboo " is the music and the charms of Sade !
Born in Nigeria , and raised in London , she is still a stunner in Dallas !

Stunner 4 Sure 1 Sade is 52 YEARS OLD , Check her out !
Cherish the Day - she comes to your town !

CAdestiny from you tube posted this my thanks to them and all the other you tube posts !

We close the set out , same we came in ! And if somebody told that jazz was dead . Tell them it is .....
Lies , Lies !

Until next week when we meet at the corner of jazz and your heart !
See ya real soon !