Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Donna Summer , Mitt Romney , and John Edwards

The Ed Gray Political Blog is back after a hiatus of reading and researching in scholarly pursuit. In the past three months we have witnessed the end of the GOP political race ,as Mitt Romney has won the nomination . The GOP will unite around Mitt because he offers the best chance to beat Obama . Watch for ads like this to come from Obama and the super pacs that will try to influence our votes. The deaths of Don Cornelius stunned the soul community ,. In politics Senator John Edwards got off once more no pun intended . This trial should never been heard , it never involved campaign money . One thing for sure in the world of players , John is King . Anybody that can get another man to take credit for his child , wow . It shuld't went tpo trial , it seems his aide Andrew Young were more than willing accomplices to take money regardless of where Senator Edwards got it from . What this was about was money , and greed . Deaths come in threes they say . I don't know about that, but Death comes to us all . We have to live our life and prepare for the Last Dance . RIP Donna Summer .

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Sings Gospel : A Quiet Place Tribute 1963-2012

Whitney Houston Sings Gospel, this is a tribute to Whitney and her Gospel Roots ! From the root to the fruit ...

I Believe , Whitney Believed , We are not perfect that is why we Worship Someone that is perfect !

You can not get away ... If you have it instilled in you from the inception , redemption is always around the corner !

Amazing Grace was bestowed Upon Us !
If we can all reach a little higher , we will all get there !
Prayers to the Houston Family !

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston 1963-2012 : We Will Always Love You !

What a year .... In a month's time , Etta GONE ... Don Cornelius GONE ... They belong To the Ages ... Many times I have said that most of MY favorite singers have passed. This is a shocker ! I remember Whitney when she came out in the early 1980's ,a fantastic voice, a fantastic actress , a fantastic beautiful woman that will never be forgotten ! I remember seeing her perform with Luther Van Dross at Reunion Arena !

In the coming days we will see footage of a beautiful young woman , with a voice , and astage presence that shined for the world to see.I see myself now as a young man of the 80's . Whitney the voice of a New America . Unfettered by racial conventions ready to shine and preparing to let her talents speak for itself .

Her Love story with Bobby Brown, had its ups and downs ! Our public figures have private lives ! No need to document the ups and downs, only time to remember the good times that they shared ! They had something in common , young love !

A faboulous actress whose talents on the big screen was just as big as her voice !

If we ever have a need for prayer , let us do it today for the Houston Family ! God has a plan , sometimes he does not let us know the plan ! As we reflect , let us always remember , that though her voice is silenced , she used her God given talents for all of us to enjoy .

Whitney, We will always Love You !

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ed Gray 50 Years In Song !

5o years of songs ! My life in song ! My life in music ! Ed Gray !

Words can not express the joy , the relief , and enthusiasm I have for reaching this milestone ! Perhaps it better to put it in song !

I was born the same day THE GREAT DUKE ELLINGTON was born !

My family took the A TRAIN from the East Coast to Texas !

I grew up in Dallas atending local schools and enjoyed a typical childhood . . .
Eventually graduating from SMU in 1989 !

Sharing a birthday with Rick James allowed me the time to reflect on ....Partying !

In between parties , I found time to Keep Hope Alive !
In these times I served as a Congressional Intern , Founder of the Coalition for African American Progress , a Truman Scholar !

30 years of moving up . I have mentored hundreds of young people , giving numerous speeches , and spent countless hours in community service FOR THE PEOPLE .
I remain as always optimistic about the future ! To believe in the future , you must believe in our youth . We will be allright - because I am part of the youth movement . Young at Heart ! Optimistic ! Keep your head to the sky , you can win !

To truly be rich you must count what you give away .

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ed Gray 50th Gospel Tribute

This is the week of my 50th birthday.I am ever thankful for My Lord , My Savior , for giving me these years . The picture of me on this blog I was 8 he brought me this far by faith.He didn't have to do it but he did . My belief in God is unchanging , my belief in religion has evolved . I believe in God , not man .
Thank you Master for My soul !

For the ages this is one of my favorites ! I played this song when my father died , it got me thru a rough day . My wish is that on my last day above the earth , they play this song , "Mary Don't you Weep " ...all of them men got drowned in the sea! Don't Weep !

I thank the Lord , for giving me my mother who instilled in me church ! She had me to go sing in the choir ,and if there was a song I remember very well ....It is "Pass me not " , Please Lord not pass me by !

Religion is about optimism , your belief in God is personal ! My relationship with my God is personal but I have a relationship , and it is not complicated. 50 YEARS, a lot of yesterday's gone and I pray a few more tomorrows to come .
I will be Optimistic !

See ya next week on the flip side of 50 !

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box " Christmas Edition

As we close yet another year in the Vault . Vonda's Vault Box offers tributes to Christmas ! The Vault Box is a collection of the best videos up loaded from you tube by Ed Gray . My thanks to all of you for listening to the Vault Box . My thanks to that maven of music, Vonda and all those Carter Cowboys from back in the day that made traveling on the way back machine a Fantastic Ride !

The Christmas Edition is here and it's brought to you by Santa Claus because he is coming to Town ! He needs to go to Sunny Southside Dallas ,Compton, Anacostia ,Dalworth . and Soulsville and many more ! We need a change, we don't need drugs in our community ,we don't need poor schools , we don't need violence ,Santa put that in your bag !

Vonda and KurtiS ,read Jcab and Ari a bed time story from back in the day !

Back in the day , Santa Claus came to town all the time carrying bags of toys . This year Santa and Janelle left me a Kindle . The firs thing downloaded was : The Jackson Five and Santa Claus

Blogging late at night , a "Silent Night" of reflection with the Temptations!

Our gift to you this week as always , the best video music blog on the planet !

The Vonda Vault Box Collection is closing down for the year ! We wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From my family to yours ! May 2012 be Golden ! " This Christmas " by my frat Donny Hatthaway !

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box : Diego Deuce 4 Party !

The Vault Box is back this week with a birthday celebration for my brother Diego. Can't believe we have this many folks in the Vault . Vonda let's get some water in here ! Some Aqua , so we can boogie !

Bio Aqua Do Loop ! Man that can make You dance !
Oak Cliff Party and its on the web !

If you ain't from the Vault , and Oak Cliff , this mix don't mean nothing , but if you are open your hearts , and ears !

Pizzazz , 220 ,Nicoles ,MadCap Mollies, Lakeside , Executive , so many clubs , had to work that neck , maybe its Chit Chat next !

Is that Wonnie and Debra over there in Fishnets !

Man it's Fire and Desire , Gotta slow it Down !
There is Tracey with those Ebony Eyes !

We got Kliff Klub drinks up in here !
For the next 50 responses the rest of the drinks on me and Vonda !

This is a slammin party , Is that Stephan or is that Stafon !
Well they are both here , and feels so good !

Well Vonda and me gotta prepare for the Christmas Special !
Until next week we leave you with Jay Z and The Kid !

Monday, December 5, 2011

Abner Haynes : Dallas Texans AFL Champions

One of the Unsung Heroes in Dallas Sports History is Abner Haynes . For those of you who don't know him , before it was Emmitt , before it was Tony Dorsett , there was Abner Haynes . Abner Haynes was the first back on a Dallas Football championship. Abner played for the Dallas Texans-KansasCity Chiefs football teams where he still holds ten records .The Dallas Texans AFL Champions .

I like to thank Abner for all he has done , a fantastic individual a pioneer of football . He was the featured football player in North Texas at the onset of the Civil Rights Era .Prior to playing professional football , he helped to integrate the University of North Texas in 1956. In a time when you could count blacks on a football team , he had the the opportunity by the virtue of stepping on the field to become a civil rights pioneer because of the unofficial quota system in Texas college football.
Abner Haynes professional career thrived in the Dallas Texans football system led by Coach Hank Stram .

// "He was a franchise player before they talked about franchise players," praised Stram. "He did it all — rushing, receiving, kickoff returns, punt returns. He gave us the dimension we needed to be a good team in Dallas." During his 8 professional seasons, Haynes carried the ball 1,036 times for 4,630 yards, a 4.7 average; caught 287 passes for 3,535 yards, a 12.3 average, and 20 touchdowns; returned 85 punts for 875 yards, a 10.3 average, and 1 touchdown; and ran back 121 kickoffs for 3,025 yards, a 25.0 average.His 12,065 combined yards is the American Football League record.

The former University of North Texas alum was an Amazing back that has been overlooked in North Texas football lore. Abner Haynes was the first ever AFL Rookie of the Year , and the first ever AFL MVP !

Thank you Abner , but most of all thank you for helping integrate the University of North Texas.

You are a Legend, a football player ,but above all else a Dallas Sports Legend !
You helped bring the first football championship to Dallas !

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Herman ' BIG Daddy " Cain Edition

The presidential sweepstakes for 2012 back in stride again . Another week ,another GOP front runner bites the dust. Before we get to the videos. Let's look at the facts , Herman Cain is a smart man . A man with his some ideas that needed to be heard . Pretty simple , but it got your attention didn't it.

I was happy that he was the front runner ,and yeah , you can say it was a black thing if you want too . However look at this way , that day the Democratic president was black , the GOP front runner was black. Ain't America a great good country. Shouldn't America be about ideas and not about race.

I would like to see how he would have fared in a debate against President Obama . Here is a clip of 'The Godfather' Herman Cain versus President Bill Clinton in 1994 .

Herman Cain was getting the job done . Any man that can a balance a family, handle his outside women ,
and balance running a corporation ,certainly can balance the budget.

Okay Okay ... Okay all this drama about Cain and the women , enuff. Cain ain't no different than any other presidential candidate who had their women issues . Bill Clinton , Gary Hart , all of them smooth operators ....
So Herman was a Smooth Operator !

And now we bring you live Herman Big Daddy Cain's announcement regarding his campaign

This video blog was brought to you by Godfather's Pizza !

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box :California West Coast Edition

Vonda's Vault Box this week is back in the vault . Got some folks that want to hear some Pac this morning . Folks say they need some West Coast music . For those of our viewers in the West Coast , get your coffee on ,and lets start this joint !

Too hot in Texas ! Gotta go back to Cali .... Besides our wine collection holds better in the vault in Cali !

The weather is excellent in Cali , gotta admit , our vaulters says it never rains ! We gotta slow it down with our slow mix with Tony ! Tony !Tone !

They party out there in Cali ! The state where you never find the dance floor empty . With bomb beats like this , ya know ! California Dreaming !
It's all Good from Diego to the Bay !

Now we gotta go with some traveling music ---The Jet is on the run -way .
Can Vonda fly a plane ?
I don't think so ,Homey Don"t Play that !
See ya back next week at the Vault !

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gospel Sunday : Jesus Can Fix It Be Optimistic

Good Morning Sunday , there are no heart aches ! God is with us , ain't the right Emmanuel ! The word from today is from Sister Robin Gray off her facebook page she posts.

"Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, & salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them, God's Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard & long, pray for your brothers & sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out." Eph 6 (MSG). Lookup

Look up and be optimistic. Keep your eyes to the sky. Look toward the hills !

The Gospel According to your belief. GOD HAS BEEN GOOD 2 ME
I am 2 close to Heaven to turn around now !

This video is about 20 years ago ,Why We Sing !
See Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin.
We were all so young ..... For the Love God is still there !

When you break something you love, you want it to be fixed . If your heart is broken , you need SUPER GLUE to fix it ! JESUS , is that glue.

For Abner thanks for the shout out this week! Very seldom do we hear a voice like Sam Cooke , but more importantly , we just need to touch the hem of our Saviors garment and we will be healed .
God Bless you all and we will see you next week.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vonda"s Vault Box : Black Coffee- NO Sugar ,NO Cream -Big MAN Edition

"Black Coffee,No Sugar No Cream " , heyyyy ! I see ya .
God Bless Heavy D in his life and his works .See my earlier posts on the Big Man ! We are in the vault today ,@ Vonda"s Vault Box honoring one of Hip Hop legends and all the big men who sing and rock it big !.

Big Men can rock the house - Brooklyn in the House along with Mt.Vernon !
I see the MDC singing "Through your hands in the air" !

All the big men come from New York ! If they can sing "Its Never To Much".

But down south, long ago in LA , that's Lower Alabama y'all they raise him big !
From Alabama its Ruben Studdard !

We will see ya next week at the Vault !
RIP Heavy D .....

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Jazzy Fridays : George Howard

Time to slow down my friends , sit back and enjoy the sounds of a slow groove. It's over a hard week down and now it's time to listen to the tunes to make you feel good. Jazz at its best makes you escape into another world ...Let's do it !
Spenser For Hire ! by George Howard !
A great sax man !

The great jazz artist George Howard , will certainly be missed.

George could make a grrove smooth or funky ! George Howard dedicated this to aother sax man ---the Great Grover Washington ! A funky groove !

We are on a smooth tip ... let's get funky and close outthis slow groove with D'Angelo and George Howard . Look at you , I can't keep my cool ...
Smooth .....dedicated to T !

See ya next week at the corner of Jazzy Friday and Happiness !

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy D 1967-2011 : Hip Hop Legend Peaceful Journey

The overweight lover has left the house. The man with the big man swagger ,and the killer rhymes. "Heavy D" combined humor ,rhymes ,and an infectious beat to entertain us for years. "Heavy D" has passed away.

From Fats Domino to Biggie Smalls to "Heavy D". Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop have produced big men who played big. "Heavy" was one of those guys.

A man with a urban beat - a political conscious Who loved his women like.....

The Fat Boys used their overweight as a comic foil. Heavy used his weight as big sexy. Style and Overweight the girlz loved "Heavy D".