Friday, April 9, 2010

Kay Bailey Hutchinson and the Fresh Prince Ain't Leaving

Ed Gray and Senator KBH in 2008 meet @ the Latino Leaders Summit

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson recently decided not to resign her seat in the United States Senate.This has stopped the election campaigns of several announced candidates such as Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams. Williams has crisscrossed the state acquiring thousands of supporters and campaign contributions from many Republicans.Williams was thought by many in the GOP to be the presumed front runner
for a expected appointment by Governor Rick Perry.

The political whupping that Perry put on Hutchinson forced her to go back to Washington as a lame duck. Hutchinson or as many prefer to call her,KBH will remain a force in the Senate due to her seniority,but in Texas GOP circles she remains damaged goods.Meanwhile Williams continues to crisscross this far flunged state conducting interviews like the one below.Not content on a appointment Williams is running to take the Senate seat in 2012.

Senator Hutchinson as you may remember pledged many times during the last election cycle to resign her seat several times ,first after last years Holiday season,then after the governors race whether she won or lost,or at the end of the health care debate.

Many took her word, however in politics as is the weather ,everything is subject to change.Senator Kay reminds me of the old Fresh Prince sketch she ain't leaving.By not leaving she may have turned herself into a lame duck.


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