Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman 1968-2010

Gary Coleman the well known actor from "Different Strokes" passed away today. Coleman was 42 years old. This blog highlights his comedic timing as well as his political forays and social conscience of his television series.His phrase 'Whatcha talkin about"was a catch phrase back in the day.

Gary Coleman was born in 1968 with a kidney condition that forever stunted his growth.As a youngster he starred in the "Different Strokes" television series,as the black kid. Arnold Jackson who was adopted by his wealthy white patron Phil Drummond.

The show aired from 1978-1986.In the show he was the wise talking , however this show addressed some issues that were widely talked about.
The Different Strokes series addressed the scourge of drugs and implores its viewers to "Just Say No".

Another critical acclaimed show was the episode addressing child molestation.
This episode educated youth on the facts regarding child molestation and abuse.

Yes Arnold Drummond was a politician!
In the 2003 California governors race to recall Governor Gray Davis ,Gary Coleman placed in eighth place.The governors race attracted 135 candidates and Coleman finished in the top 10%.Politics is a strange profession.The eventual winner was another Hollywood actor,Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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