Monday, June 9, 2008

Saving Private Ryan : D Day Remembered

Our Liberties are attacked daily by enemies domestic and foreign .No greater day has Hell hath no fury than June 6,1944.Recently Governor Perry attended D Day commemorations in France . While we debate whether Barack is too black ,Hillary being a woman,or McCain too old ,let us never forget the sacrifices that those brave Americans made on Omaha Beach and other D Day landings.
No one asked these brave soldiers their political preference on D Day .
Let us never forget. God Bless America.

Gov. and Mrs. Perry Honor WWII Heroes Who Fought For Freedom
Participate in Normandy D-Day Ceremonies

From Governor Rick Perry Web site .....
ST. MÈRE ÉGLISE, FRANCE – Gov. Rick Perry and First Lady Anita Perry today participated in ceremonies commemorating the 64th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied Forces’ assault on the beaches of Normandy during World War II, which led to the liberation of France from Nazi Germany.
“D-Day reminds us of a maelstrom of intense combat, noble lives ended in an instant, and a turning point in the deadliest war in human history,” said Gov. Perry. “The sacrifice of those fallen heroes and those who fought for freedom alongside them deserves to be remembered throughout the world until the end of time.”
Wreath laying ceremonies took place on battlefield sites across coastal France, paying tribute to those who gave their lives fighting to free Europe from Nazi occupation.
The governor participated in ceremonies at the Normandy American Cemetery and St. Mère Église former cemetery. Gov. and Mrs. Perry later visited Pointe du Hoc, and participated in the D-Day Commemoration ceremony and mass in the St. Mère Église town square. The governor and first lady also attended the International Peace Ceremony and Utah Beach D-Day Commemoration Ceremony. Gov. Perry is leading an economic development and trade mission through France and Sweden, promoting Texas as an attractive destination for European investment and business development.


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