Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bullseye on Obama : What Black America Fears

The Barack Obama candidacy has caused American fears for a potential black president . While most citizens have accepted the candidacies of a female presidential candidate or a black president ,there will always be an element that hates the possibilty of an black president .
The press plays a large part of the education of the electorate,and visuals often say a thousand words. Recently the weekly Roswell Georgia newspaper published an article that portrayed racist anger toward Barack , and black voters concerns regarding Obama's safety . The article detailed the challenges that local Georgia police departments have in protecting Barack Obama when he visits their towns .If a picture says a thousand words ,what inspiration would a Georgia good ole boy get when he would see this picture ? The Roswell Beacon has a right to publish the article and the visuals ,and once again we have the right to be afraid .


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