Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Huckabee Shoots VP Chances

The recent joke that Governor Mike Huckabee told regarding Barack Obama had a casualty after all . The end result was that Huckabee will not be the vice presidential nominee. Huckabee had recently been gaining traction during the vice presidential sweepstakes. Huckabee was influential with evangelicals and social conservatives during the Republican primaries.
This election will be like the last two elections very contentious. If adding the element of race into the campaign , it can be very dangerous . Huckabee's joke in addition to stoking some latent fears of racism indicated that Huckabee cannot stay on message. The success of the Dems and the GOP for the fall , rests upon its candidates staying on message to win the election. Huckabee proved himself to be quite an entertainer during the primary season , perhaps he should have stuck to playing the guitar.


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