Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vonda's Vault Box " After Party "

Vonda zipped into Dallas to attend the DJ Scorpo and Wendy Wen's Faboulous White party recently !Those two guys Wen and Scorpio are doing it death !

We just had to time to get back into the vault , because aftet the party there is the After PARTY !So it looks like this video blog ain't on time, but the party was on time ! Lets take a Fantastic Voyage !

It's been two years since Michael Jackson left this world , we will will always remember how he rocked this world !

New Jack Music in the Vault will never Die ! Groove with us and Guy !

Goodbye Love - we gotta go - We gotta catch up Wendy and Skorpio .I am glad that I can still look in Vonda's Voultbox for the latest in Old Skool ...
Until next time.....


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