Monday, May 23, 2011

Jim Brown and the Best NFL Rushers of All Time

The newest entry in the Edgray4America video blog is the Football Monday Series.
In a spirited conversation recently at Diverse Cutz in Arlington we talked about the best rushers in NFL History.
Part I of the series listed NFL Rushers 10-6 .
10: OJ Simppson
9 Earl Cambell
8-Jerome Bettis
7-Curtis Martin
6- Tony Dorsett
Number 5 on the list is one of my favorite runners , "The Sealy Express " , the second half of "The Pony Express" , Eric Dickerson. My man from SMU !

Number 4 The Texas Connection continues with the only Rusher I met personally! Thanks Ron Fry for introducing me and Emmit years ago when we both were coming up !
"Go Emmit" The NFL All Time Leading Rusher !
There was none tougher than Emmitt Smith !

Number 3 Barry Sanders - He played with an sub par Detriot Lion team ,and he could have broken the All time Leading Rushing record , but he retired on top !

Number 2: Two Words 'Walter Payton " Sweetness !
Combination of Toughness , Speed , and Dignity !

Number 1 - The Greatest of All Time - Jim Brown !
Every football player that passes Jim Brown's rushing record is still compared to Jim Brown ! There is no player that had higher rushing avrage , and he played in a 12 game season unlikethe others who played in a 16 and 14 game season !
Jim Brown number One - The Greatest of ALL TIME !
9 seasons - 8 Rushing Titles !

Until Next Week At The Cutz !


Anonymous Hurles Scales said...

Ed Gray, I like your blog on Jim Brown and the Best NFL Rushers of All Time. A little disappointed not to see Duane Thomas on the list. Good work!!! How about one on great defensive backs.

October 23, 2011 at 9:25 AM  

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