Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gospel Sunday Returns ! Trinity Temple , Aretha, Patti and The Holy Spirit !!

Picture above is Browns Chapel , located in Montgomery , Alabama , Summer 2011.
Blogging returns on Sunday with a Gospel Treat ! Its back , Its on Time ! Get Your Praise on with the DFW MASS CHOIR ,if you wait on the Lord !

He is On Time !
My mother is a member of Trinity Temple , she sung on this album ! That was before cds,ipods ,and blogs! Can't Nobody ! Nobody but my savior , Jesus !
Kirk Franklin and the Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir !
Oak Cliff where I was raised , brings back memories !Trinity Temple located on Polk Street in Oak Cliff. Hard to think that 20 years have passed !
Praise Him "The Holy One " !

My Soul is weary, My soul is tired , how long must I go on like this ?
My Soul Needs to Pray !

Those songs bring back memories , precious memories,thank you Mama for showing a child the way ! Precious Memories get in the Way !

Until next week if the Lord says the same !


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