Monday, May 16, 2011

Barbershop Talk Monday : Roger Best Dallas QB , Aikman Second

After careful consideration and numerous conversations at the Barbershop.I have determined that Roger Staubach is the best Dallas QB Ever. There have been many to choose from ,36 men have played the position. We will talk about the Greatest in the video blog.

The Best Dallas QB EVER
Roger lead the Dallas Cowboys during the 70 Glory Days .He led them to 2 Super Bowl victories . Although coming in second does not count ,he led Dallas to two other Super Bowl appearances against Pittsburg.
He was "Captain America" who "led Americas Team".The Cowboys though talented was not as rich as the Aikman led team of the 90"s.5 Super Bowl Appearances in 10 years during the 70's. A veritable dynasty - "Hail Mary "

Number 2 On the List :
Second Place and damn near first was Troy.Troy Aikman led the best teams that Dallas ever fielded.More Hall of Famers will be elected from the squads that Jimmy Johnson put together during the early 90"s.
You got to be good to lead a Dynasty . Aikman had help with the Triplets and a Stifling Defense.Troy is the only Dallas QB to win 3 Super Bowls.

Number 3
Dandy Don Meridith ,the first Dallas Cowboy Qb to lead his team to the NFL Championship.He failed in two tries to to beat the eventual Super Bowl Champion victors in the first 2 Super Bowls.

Number 4 is Danny White .
He lead Dallas to the NFC Championship but was overlooked during the post Roger era.

Number 5 is Tony Romo .
Tony has lots of promise!Tony has to Deliver at least a NFC Championship to move up on the list.

Well thats's all folks "Turn out the Lights the parties over ".


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