Friday, July 30, 2010

Caravan of Dreams: Jazzy Fridays Vol. 1

This Friday we start a new series on music. It's the Caravan of Dreams Friday session.My frat brother,Kelvinal said I was leaving that part of the Ed Gray experience out on the blog.Not wanting to leave anything out we take a trip back to the Caravan of Dreams. For those of you who missed it, the Caravan of Dreams was the best jazz club in Dallas-Ft.Worth.It was located in Ft.Worth's Sundance Square.

Peter White wrote this as a tribute to the great jazz venue ,and you are there live.

Kelvinal offered this innagural playlist and for that we give you Jonathan Butler ,Rachelle Ferrell and George Duke. Another great artist who peformed at the Caravan Jonathan Butler who brought down the house with "Sarah,Sarah " !

Chaka Khan is the intro picture of this blog! You didn't know she sung Jazz,check her out her as she sings "My Funny Valentine".

Great artists come along once in awhile sometimes they stay for season and the seasons are great.Miles Davis is a all time great! Never saw him live,I wish I did. David Sanborn and Miles Davis perform that great Miles Davis tune "TuTu" .

One of the best concerts I saw at the Caravan was Kirk Whalum.He always stayedafter the concert to speak with his fans.I am proud that he helped me with my Jazz Term paper @ SMU.Thats all for next week ,because this is "All I DO".


Anonymous Rick Herold said...

Ed, true story. We had Trout Fishing in America at the Uptown Theater tonight. We talked about their favorite venue which they headlined for years.... "Caravan of Dreams"! It was awesome! Their new favorite...."Uptown Theater Grand Prairie". Sweet!

July 30, 2010 at 11:32 PM  

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