Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gospel Sunday July17 : Walter Hawkins 1949-2010

Thank you Lord for all you have done for me ! This morning as I go about my way I know God is with me.This blog provides a format to get a political /entertainment messageto you and many others.However this would mean nothing without God in my life! Thank you Lord !

This week we feature the songs of Walter Hawkins (1949-2010) from Oakland , California.I remember listening to the Hawkins family sing every Sunday as I prepared to attend church as a young man. As I prepare for this Sunday's rituals,I listen to him again a we salute his life as a servant of God.

Walter Hawkins (May 18, 1949 – July 11, 2010) was an award-winning gospel music singer, and a pastor. Hawkins became an ordained bishop in 1992. He was a founder along with his brother Edwin Hawkins "The Edwin Hawkins Singers".The Hawkins family also consisted of his wife Tramaine Hawkins.Bishop Hawkins is gone but he is finally at rest and at home.God bless him,his memory, his family ,and you ,this Sunday Morning.

"What is This " is one of my favorite songs. A real question with a real answer:Jesus

Walter Hawkins advice to us was as we go through the Life ." Don't Wait Until The Battle Is Over To Shout Out ".God is with you ... One of these old mornings you will look for me, "The Battle Will Be Over". Thats why we must shout now!

Bishop Hawkins is gone to be with the Father. He has gone away ,and is finally at rest! The Battle is over ,Thank you Lord ! It won't be long ,and soon and very soon we will see the King!


Anonymous Rachel Stallworth said...

Ed after listening to "Thank you" by Walter Hawkins, I had to stop and just thank the Lord the for all he has done for me. God has done exceedingly, abundantly, above all I could have ever imagine He would do in my life. He keeps restoring me because He is a restorer! I just had to say thank you to my Lord!

July 18, 2010 at 6:26 PM  
Anonymous Rev. Lisa L. Bryant said...

I saw the clip of Bishop Hawkins' last public performance with the National Symphony Orchestra backing him up singing "Marvelous"...I'm sure the words meant something to him when he penned the song, but how "Marvelous" they turned out to be as he made his exodus from us to be with the Father!

July 29, 2010 at 9:06 AM  

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