Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Gospel: Elvis and Al Green Sing the Gospel

Two of my favorite entertainers come from Memphis , Tennessee and they are the focus of this weeks Sunday Gospel Music selection .Two southern country boys with with contrasting styles, these are classic clips from back in the day. Elvis sings "O Happy Day" with his choir ,and Al Green sings his rendition of "Jesus is Waiting" .Both of these singers got their start singing gospel music and received fame in the secular music industry .Al Green left the secular music at his popularity to preach .The Reverend Al Green still tours today and has his church in Memphis of which I have visited. The other spotlight entertainer is none other than Elvis Presley .Elvis was known during his life time as "the King ". Thats all good but there is no King other than the Almighty!
The King of Rock and Roll Sings "O Happy Day "

Rev . Al Green Today

Al Green sings "Jesus is Waiting" On Soul Train back in the day ....