Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hip Hop Mayor Kwame Comes To Dallas

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has asked the court to allow him to travel to Texas.It is rumored that former Mayor Kilpatrick will visit Dallas to apply for employment.Earlier in the infamous text mail scandal he reportedly left Detroit to visit with Bishop TD Jakes. I believe in the American judicial system , Kwame has paid the price of his actions.Now he should embark upon a new life. A new life free of persecution should await him or anybody who has paid their debt.
I will not defend the actions of the mayor . It is best to embrace a lifestyle of a monk.Kwame Kilpatrick as we say in Texas "just got caught up ".Clearly Mayor Kilpatrick was not a monk, his detractors would say he was more like the famous monk Rasputin.Rasputin was the Russian monk that was involved with the tsarist intrigues of the early 20th century.The intrigue in Detroit did not match the Russian intrigue of tsarist era..
The following is the 2008 Nightline piece on Kwame Kilpatrick.

If Mayor Kilpatrick does indeed move to Dallas,he will have the opportunity to start over. I welcome him to Dallas as he is a man with great talents . The talent to lead , the talent to inspire , are all talents that musr be shown .In the words of that great philospher Baretta ,"If you do the crime ,you have to pay the time".The time has been paid. Welcome to Texas , Kwame ....


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