Saturday, January 10, 2009

Open Letter to Jerry Jones

I spent a Saturday afternoon watching my favorite past time , football.
Unfortunately the Cowboys were not playing.
My friend Kelvinal Stumon is one of the biggest Cowboy fans I know .
He and I share a interest in seeing the Cowboys returning to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl. Kelvinal wrote the following letter to Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones . I hope Jerry reads the blog and send us a shout out.

Dear Mr. Jones,
This is an opportunity to show what people said about you was inaccurate and baseless. This is a year for you to right all of the inadequacies from CEO, HBO and Water boy. The climate and culture of winning has to be recreated and redefined for the Dallas Cowboys. The outside world of Sportscasters, Sportswriters and any other non-football personnel have formed their beliefs upon the past few seasons and the past few Decembers. And in some cases it's been justified. However, none of them suit up, lace-up, run wind-sprints or take any snap counts. Therefore, the sum of all fears lie in the hands, minds, and personal beliefs of 53 men who have the choice to believe in external sources or internal players.

At some point and I believe that you already know, "Good is not enough". It doesn't set the standard that we as fans of One of the greatest shows on earth deserve. Losing and winning is defined by one word and that's commitment. It separates the contenders from the pretenders. It always has and always will. Individuals can always be great. But, can they put aside their personal desires for the collective betterment of the team. Individuals win accolades. But, teams win championship.

Teammates need each other. Call it us against the world mentality. Because at the end of the day. It's about the star at midfield and not the ones on the sidelines.
You now have the choice at hand in the offseason to succumb to what's been said by non-players or choose to embrace the team concept. And believe in yourself and consistently demonstrate, execute, manage and deliver expectations over a 16+ week period. After which even in spite of injuries and other NFL-team shared deficiencies you will overcome and prove to all that you deserve the mantle and title again of "America's T-E-A-M".

Always a fan,

Kelvinal R. Stumon


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