Monday, June 23, 2008

James Baker Recount Superstar

When I was a young man studying Texas politics @ Dallas Law Magnet High School, I was introduced to Texas politics .One of the stars in Texas politics at that time was the patrician Houston lawyer James A.Baker.My teacher was fascinated by Mr.Baker and I was chosen to monitor his unsuccessful campaign for Attorney General.James Baker subsequently ran five successful presidential campaigns.Years have passed and Mr. Baker’s resume has included more prestigious offices,such as White House Chief of Staff,Secretary of Commerce,and Secretary of State .
Pop culture recently gave Mr. Baker a taste of pop fame by portraying him as the hard charging but smooth political operator in the recent HBO movie “Recount”. The "Recount" movie is one of the best political movies this season, its well worth the time to watch .

Secretary Baker's achievements include winning the non partisan Woodrow Wilson Award.This award has been given out to prestigious Americans,regardless of party affiliation Democrat or Republican in recognition of advancing peace. While many see him as a devoted Republican operative,his talents as a internationalist are far more reaching.In one of his latest public forums in his beloved Texas ,Secretary Baker spoke at the Gulen Institute to promote peace ,cross cultural tolerance ,and human dignity.Regardless of political opinion when America negotiates with the world,we need and the best.James Baker is one of the best statesman America has produced,listen to what Baker says about talking to your enemies.


Anonymous Nancy H. said...

I always knew you were a damn closet Republican .

July 4, 2008 at 11:07 PM  

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