Thursday, June 16, 2011

Your Dallas Mavericks -The Time Is Now !

Your Dallas Mavericks have won the NBA Championship ! Let's party with Bentley Green who tells like it is ! We go hard on the paint,you Know it !

It's been a long time ! I was there at the first game at the new state of the art Reunion Arena !You remember that place we used to call home ,the ReUnion Rowdies. It was October 30 ,1980 and they played that team from San Antonio. The San Antonio Spurs! The Spurs formerly played in the ABA as the Dallas Chapparrals .I think we won that game. Oh no, We didn't but what could I say ! That team had the likes of Jim Sparnekle and Abdul Jelani ! But we had heart ! Thanks Norm Sonju and Don Carter for bringing them here ,and who could forget Coach Dick Motta !

You remember the mid and late 80's when Ro ,Sam Perkins and Mark played b ball and we tried to beat LA ! That was before you tube and twitter !The Lakers had our number and we had to wait for the time !

We thought our time had come when we had the 3 J"s . Jimmy Jackson , Jamal Mashburn ,and Jason Kidd !It was close but our time had not arrived!

Dirk Arrived and Steve Nash Arrived , but the time left ! We proved we were long suffering !

And Finally Our Time - The Time is Now !


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